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Two Employees at Star Casino Dismissed and Banned over Misconduct

The Star casino in Sydney, Australia dismissed two casino special employees over misconduct. Consequently, the NSW Liquor and Gaming Authority banned the two employees for 5 years.

Two Employees Dismissed by the Star Casino

Two employees of the Star Casino in Sydney, Australia were dismissed and banned over misconduct. After the Star dismissed the employees who were responsible for overseeing gaming activities, it contacted the Liquor and Gaming Authority in New South Wales (NSW). Consequently, the Authority decided to ban the “casino special employees”, who breached their responsibilities, for a period of five years.

With that in mind, during the period, the two employees will not be allowed to enter casino premises. Furthermore, the Authority has also contacted the NSW Police Casino and Racing Unit regarding the misconduct of the employees.

Authority Chair Philip Crawford explained that “casino special employee is a licensee engaged to supervise and facilitate gaming activities“. Furthermore, he revealed that it was the responsibility of the casino special employees to “safeguard the integrity of casino operations from criminal influence, serious misconduct or exploitation”. Crawford also stressed that a special degree of trust was in place for those employees. In conclusion, he revealed that the operator has rightfully dismissed the two employees and reported their misconduct.

The Former Employees’ Misconduct

One of the dismissed employees was a game dealer. While he was off duty, the CCTV of the casino caught him throwing a bag of an unknown substance on the City View Balcony. Upon searching the area, the casino security has found the bag which contained white powder.

Then the security questioned the game dealer who claimed that he did not know what the substance was and that he found it in his pocket and wanted to discard it. Consequently, the man faced charges in court over possession of illegal drugs in April this year.

The other dismissed employee was a long-term female gaming attendant. The lady who worked at the Star casino for 11 years admitted to having gambling-related problems. The gaming attendant admitted to having placed some 28 bets via a gambling app while she was on shift during January and February this year.


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