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Florida: Illegal Gambling Businesses Raided in Englewood

One person, who according to law enforcement owned and operated two illegal gambling establishments, faces several criminal charges

Close to 200 electronic gambling machines from two illegal gambling businesses in Englewood, Florida, were seized by law enforcement recently. The operation against illegal gambling resulted in the arrest of one person who is facing multiple charges for his suspected involvement.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office has been observing an increase in illegal gambling activities in recent months. This is why it considered dedicating additional efforts in combatting such unlawful activities.

As a result, the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office joined forces with the Florida Gaming Commission. An investigation into one suspected illegal gambling business ultimately helped bring down two establishments.

Both establishments were in Englewood. One of the locations was the Tiffany Square Bingo Hall, while the other one was Cornerstone Arcade. Law enforcement uncovered that the same person was operating the two venues. He also happened to be the owner of the two venues.

A nationwide warrant for the man, identified with the initials S.Q., was issued. The 53-year-old suspect was subsequently detained by law enforcement in Forsyth, Georgia and currently faces several charges.

Upon executing a search warrant on the two suspected illegal gambling businesses, police uncovered approximately 196 electronic gambling machines. All gambling devices were seized by law enforcement and the two venues were permanently shut.

The Suspect Faces a Range of Criminal Charges

The 53-year-old man who owned the two buildings and was suspected of operating the illegal gambling establishments is currently being held on a $256,000 bond.

The man faces a long list of charges including Prohibited activities and defense (Racketeering) under RICO, as well as money laundering of more than $100,000, a crime that is recognized as a first degree felony. Additionally, the man is accused of money laundering of more than $20,000 and less than $100,000, a second degree felony.

The suspect faces two third degree felony charges over “Lottery-Operating Conduct Advertise Drawing Scheme,” as explained by law enforcement. Last but not least, the 53-year-old was hit with two second degree misdemeanor charges for establishing and operating a gambling venue.

It’s important to note that despite the long list of charges, anyone is presumed innocent before proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in court.

If you are choosing to operate an illegal gaming establishment in my county close the doors, or we will close them for you.

Sheriff Bill Prummell

Sheriff Bill Prummell said that law enforcement issued many warnings against illegal gambling businesses in Charlotte County, adding that many locations such as the ones from the recent bust have since been closed. He said that law enforcement remains dedicated to combatting illegal gambling. Finally, Sheriff Prummell warned that any illegal gambling business that doesn’t voluntarily stop operating will be forced to shut its doors by the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.


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