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Fitzdares Joins the Betting and Gaming Council

The Betting and Gaming Council, Britain’s single industry body for gambling, has reinforced its team with a new member. Fitzdares, one of the UK’s oldest sports betting and horseracing operators, will join the body and work alongside other notable companies.

Fitzdares Becomes a Part of the BGC

Fitzdares’ business dates back to 1882 and is one of the oldest operators in the country. Since its foundation, Fitzdares has undergone numerous changes and is now a true modern bookmaker that supports online and mobile betting. Although Fitzdares isn’t as big as some of the huge contemporary companies, it has a significant influence and is one of the most respected bookmakers in the country.  

As a company that has been in business for a century and a half, Fitzdares understands the concept of betting as a social experience.  Because of this, the operator founded a first-of-its-kind Fitzdares Club in Mayfair, allowing sports fans and sports bettors to gather and share their passion for sports. This year, the bookmaker opened a second Fitzdares club in Cotswolds.

By joining the BGC, Fitzdares will be able to take a part in the decision-making and play a role in the evolution of the British gambling industry.

William Woodhams, current chief executive officer of the renowned operator, commented on Fitzdares’ admission to the BGC. He thanked the body for being willing to hear smaller gambling businesses such as Fitzdares and allow them to take a part in the decision-making.

As a medium-sized independent and boutique business, we wanted our voice heard. The BGC gives us the opportunity to be at the table where the key decisions are being made in UK gaming.

William Woodhams, CEO, Fitzdares

Fitzdares Launched in Ontario as British Gaming Struggles

In other news, Fitzdares recently inked an extension of its partnership deal with FSB, a leading provider of iGaming and sports betting tech. FSB agreed to power Fitzdares’ platform with its renowned solutions and help it grow its recognized business.

Fitzdares recently expanded its presence by launching in Ontario, one of the fastest-growing betting markets in the world. Ever since Ontario legalized commercial online gaming, dozens of gaming companies have been waiting in line for a chance to launch in the province. Some analysts expect Ontario’s gaming revenues to surpass a billion dollars within the next few years.

Meanwhile, Britain, Fitzdares’ main market, is currently struggling with the rising prices of electricity. Some companies are concerned that energy prices may increase by as much as 300%. Because of that, the BGC contacted the government and asked for help.


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