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Finland Issues $929,000 Fine for Eurosport Over Gambling Ad Breaches

Finland’s National Police Board found that broadcaster Eurosport breached rules related to gambling advertising by marketing gambling services “regularly, extensively and for several years.” Consequently, the Board introduced a $929,000 fine for Eurosport.

Eurosport Receives a Fine in Finland

Earlier this week, the National Police Board (NPB) in Finland announced that it prohibited Eurosport from marketing gambling services in Finland on the TV channel Eurosport 1. The NPB said that the prohibition will be valid for 3 months and applies 30 days after the date of service of the decision unless an appeal authority directs otherwise.

Besides the temporary ban from marketing gambling services, Eurosport was fined $929,000 (€800,000) over breaches of gambling-related advertising rules in the country. Here, it’s important to mention that the NPB said that the decision is not final.

The NPB said that it has detected gambling services being marketed on Eurosport 1 TV channel in Finland. The Board added that the marketing occurred quite regularly and lasted for several years. Additionally, the NPB found that those gambling ads targeted Finish customers. An example that the Board pointed out was that Finish banks’ credentials were proposed as an authentication option by the gambling ads. Moreover, it said that those ads were in Finish and were aired in Finland during TV advertising breaks.

Finland Remains Committed to Enforcing the Rules

Before introducing the temporary ban, the NPB contacted Eurosport via a statement informing them that Veikkaus holds exclusive rights for gambling marketing advertising in Finland. Additionally, it said that ads offering gambling services on the channel are in breach of the current regulations on gambling in the country. The Board stressed that those rules are breached, regardless if the marketing is being completed from outside the country’s borders. Although the NPB has sent the statement in March this year, it did not receive a response.

As an authority, we take the other party’s views into account, but if necessary, we prohibit the activity that we consider unlawful,

said Anna-Emilia Sirén, senior adviser at the NPB

Anna-Emilia Sirén, senior adviser, gambling and administration at the NPB said that the Board supervises the process based on the current legislation. She outlined that this process allows the companies to “alter their operations and have their views heard.” Sirén added that the supervision methods can be “lenient to strict.” However, she explained that although the other party’s opinion on the matter will be reviewed, any activities deemed unlawful result in prohibition. Besides Eurosport, the Board said that it has also taken action against two other international TV broadcasters.


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