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FDJ and Foundation du Patrimoine Donate $1.26M to Restore YMCA Paris

The operator of France’s national lottery, Française des Jeux, has teamed up with Foundation du Patrimoine to donate over a million for the restoration of YMCA Paris. Thanks to this donation, the site will be brought back to its former glory.

FDJ and Foundation du Patrimoine Donate $1.26M

Situated at Rue de Trévise, YMCA Paris is a large building with a rich history. It houses a home for students and workers who come to settle in Paris and is equipped with various sports facilities. YMCA Paris is famous for housing the world’s oldest basketball court and is considered to be an important cultural site. The hub opened in 1893 and is also one of the older YMCA sites in the world. Unfortunately, the venue has been damaged over the last century and a half and is in dire need of restoration.

Fortunately, Fondation du Patrimoine and FDJ teamed up to revitalize the old building. The two organizations will provide the YMCA with a donation of $1.26 million in celebration of this year’s European Heritage Days.

Thanks to the lottery operator’s help, the old landmark will be restored.

FDJ Is Happy to Support the French Heritage

Française des Jeux noted that YMCA has been weakened by time and has outlived its glory days. Since the company cannot sit idly while France’s history crumbles away it opted to help bring the old building back to life.

Charles Lantieri, group deputy general of FDJ, said the restoration of YMCA Paris is an initiative FDJ is proud to take a part in. He added that the company’s core members and employees are also delighted to show their commitment to France’s heritage, sports and youth.

Contributing to the renovation of the oldest basketball court in the world strengthens our link with this sport, whose national federation we have been supporting for more than ten years.

Charles Lantieri, group deputy general, FDJ

Célia Vérot, Foundation du Patrimoine’s general director, noted that YMCA Paris is not only a heritage of cultural interest but also a practical building that plays a useful social role to this very day. Vérot noted that she is happy to continue working with FDJ and continue protecting France’s heritage.

FDJ recently relaunched its Mission Patrimoine. The lottery initiative’s aim was to raise money for the protection of and restoration of key heritage sites across France. To do so, FDJ launched promotional lottery scratch cards, promising to donate a part of the proceeds to Foundation du Patrimoine. This year’s Mission Patrimoine is the fifth edition of the project as FDJ continues to support the conservation of France’s heritage.

At the end of June, FDJ posted its H1 2022 results. The company’s lottery revenues remained buoyant but the company is cautiously optimistic about the future.


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