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Française des Jeux Relaunches Mission Patrimoine

Française des Jeux (FDJ), the operator of France’s national lottery games, has launched a new iteration of its initiative to protect the country’s cultural heritage. The so-called Mission Patrimoine will see FDJ sell new scratch cards and donate a part of the proceeds for the protection and restoration of French heritage sites.

FDJ Relaunches Mission Patrimoine

The current Mission Patrimoine is the initiative’s fifth edition. The campaign has enjoyed huge success in its past iterations, prompting FDJ to continue caring for France’s cultural heritage. For example, last year’s edition of Mission Patrimoine saw the French operator donate €28 million for the protection of cultural sites.

The newest edition of Mission Patrimoine will see FDJ launch new scratch cards. There will be three versions this year, representing traditional French houses in timber, stone and brick. The price of a single ticket is around $15 (current conversion rates) and can yield a prize as high as $1.5 million.

In addition, FDJ will offer seven Loto draws, including a Super Loto draw on September 16. The latter will have a minimum jackpot of around $13 million. A portion of the money from the Loto draws and Mission Patrimoine cards will fund the restoration and protection of old French cultural sites.

FDJ Continues to Work with Foundation du Patrimoine

FDJ’s new campaign has the official support of France’s Ministry of Culture. The operator’s goal is to provide a portion of its proceeds to Fondation du Patrimoine, a non-profit organization that conserves France’s national heritage.

This year’s Mission Patrimoine will FDJ provide Foundation du Patrimoine with the funds needed to protect 118 heritage sites, including 18 emblematic locations.

Taking a look at the numbers, FDJ will donate around $1.84 for each ticket, which is the amount of the levy on bets that would normally go to the State reserve. FDJ will also offer $0.73 for each grid of $3 that players have played during Super Loto and $0.54 for each grid of $2.20 played.

FDJ is an official partner of the aforementioned Foundation du Patrimoine. The two parties’ agreement is set to expire in 2024, meaning that FDJ will likely launch another edition of Mission Patrimoine next year. As per the agreement, the operator has to provide $500,000 to one of Foundation du Patrimoine’s projects each year. Meanwhile, the FDJ Corporate Foundation has to sponsor Foundation du Patrimoine with an annual grant of $200,000.

FDJ recently posted its H1 results. The operator’s revenues are currently buoyant but the company remains optimistic.


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