November 30, 2022 2 min read


Everi and Railsr Create Embedded Credit Card for Better Loyalty

Everi Payments has entered a new partnership with Railsr in order to create an embedded credit and loyalty card that will help customers across numerous venues to benefit from a unified and more rewarding experience.

Everi Creates New Way for Casinos to Engage with Patrons

Everi is building upon an existing trend in the industry whereby commercial casinos are looking to engage with patrons off-site by extending a branded retail credit card that features rewards and various perks that are customizable and can translate into better loyalty and engagement with target audiences.

The new product is also part of the Everi digital CashClub Wallet technology which is developed in order to help and facilitate engagement between retail gaming establishments and other adjacent amenities, such as restaurants, hotels, and more. The idea is to continue to build upon patron loyalty through everyday experiences.

Presently, the technology reaches more than 400 casino brands, and the new project is an opportunity to further extend a branded credit and loyalty experience within the existing ecosystem provided by CashClub Wallet. The partnership is also welcomed by Railsr with the company head of product for North America, Tiffany Johnson, hailing the opportunity:

This embedded credit card experience is an industry-first and will give resorts and casinos a new way to engage with patrons in their daily lives as well as additional revenue to enrich their rewards even further.

Railsr with company head of product for North America, Tiffany Johnson

Everi is happy to see the partnership take off as well. The resulting turnkey credit product will now be made available to any eligible customers, who are also benefiting from the company’s payments, compliance, and loyalty projects. Company SVP of product and payment solutions Victor Newsom was similarly pleased to be working with Railsr to bring this project around.

According to Newsom, casino resorts and commercial properties will have the opportunity to remain engaged with their customers and patrons even beyond the casino floor’s limits. Brands will continue to extend various loyalty perks and rewards to customers, driving stronger engagement across the board and cultivating a faithful player base.


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