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Evander Kane Named in New NHL Probe over COVID-19 Protocols

Only a week or so after the controversy against Evander Kane was dropped, stoked by false allegations by his estranged spouse, the San Jose Sharks forward is once again in the eye of the storm. This time, he is investigated by the NHL in relation to a falsified vaccination passport which he allegedly paid for to avoid health and safety protocols and be able to play in the season.

Originally reported by Front Office Sports, the athlete is now facing a new probe that adds to his woes. After the league cleared him from betting on his own games and “throwing” those games to elicit gain from gambling activities, Kane will have to undergo another inquiry that focuses on COVID-19 safety protocols.

How and Did Evander Kane Violate NHL Covid Protocols?

After a rather moribund season in 2020, the National Hockey League decided to step up its efforts in ensuring player and staff safety. That, unfortunately, came with strict restrictions for unvaccinated players, including limited-to-no access to bars, gyms, pools, restaurants, and other facilities allocated to teams.

The NHL allowed franchises to suspend players without pay if they refused to take a COVID-19 jab. States began introducing further restrictions for unvaccinated people, making it hard to be a competitive athlete who needs to travel.

The media has been able to confirm the investigation, citing sources, but it has not provided much detail as to how the NHL became suspicious of any information Kane may have submitted. According to the original reporting, Kane allegedly submitted a fake vaccination passport which triggered a closer look at the athlete.

What Follows If Allegations Are Sustained?

There are several serious consequences of violating COVID protocols and producing a fake vaccination passport. Players may face end-of-contract events, be suspended without pay, fined, or be ejected out of professional hockey forever.

Apart from those league-contained consequences, faking vaccination passports is illegal in the United States, which means that anyone who buys or sells such documents could be fined up to $750,000 and face up to six months in jail.

Previously, Sportsnet reported on September 28 that Kane was subject to an inquiry, although the publication failed to reveal what that was about. Now, Front Office Sports believes to be on the right track.

The allegations levied against Kane in the previous probe by his spouse Anna Kane proved to be faux, but the athlete continues to face more challenges in his personal and professional life.


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