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ESPN Rises to Top Spot as Most-Followed Brand on TikTok

Ahead of the expected debut of ESPN BET in November, ESPN confirmed it has become the most followed brand on TikTok

The leading sports media company with a strong presence across North America and around the world, ESPN, celebrated a milestone moment as it became the most-followed brand on the popular social media platform, TikTok. The company confirmed the announcement on Wednesday. The new milestone comes after ESPN surpassed Paris Saint-Germain’s followers.

At the time of writing, the leading sports media company has a staggering 41.9 million followers, as well as a whopping 4.5 billion likes. With that in mind, ESPN is now the #1 brand not only within the sports sector but out of any brand or genre on the platform.

In its statement, ESPN revealed that this milestone achievement reaffirms its commitment to engaging with a wide range of audiences through different communication channels. The company strives to offer quality, engaging and entertaining content that matches the needs of different audiences across the globe.

Kaitee Daley, ESPN’s VP of social, commented on the topic explaining: “ESPN’s content offering is not one-size-fits-all and we’re committed to serving our audience by offering a smart blend of entertainment, information, heart, and humor.”

ESPN has officially secured its position as the #1 most-followed brand on TikTok, not just in sports, but across any genre or brand, amassing an impressive 41 million followers. This remarkable achievement underscores ESPN’s commitment to engaging with sports enthusiasts through innovative and entertaining content, tailored to each specific platform,

reads a statement released by ESPN

Milestone Achievement Comes Ahead of ESPN BET Launch

Omar Raja, a talent and social strategist for ESPN, was similarly thrilled regarding the milestone achievement for the brand on TikTok. “It’s exciting to see how we’ve been able to successfully connect with the next generation of sports fans. This milestone represents a longstanding goal we set four years ago, and we’re only going up from here,” he explained.

The latest achievement comes ahead of the planned launch of ESPN BET, a new sports betting platform that is expected to revolutionize the sector. Earlier this month, ESPN BET unveiled its planned logo ahead of its anticipated debut in November.

Currently, ESPN has nearly 4,500 videos on TikTok. Besides the standard sports-facing content, its uploads include funny videos, bloopers as well as other engaging and quality content that is guaranteed to bring a smile.


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