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Betting.online Domain Sold for $400,000 to Casino.online Group

The acquisition of betting.online was lauded as a significant milestone by the casino,online team

The domain name betting.online went on sale and was purchased by the same group that previously secured casino.online. As announced, the domain registry operator Radix sold the domain for $400,000.

The sale was facilitated by the secure payments specialist escrow.com and was conducted directly through the registry.

The transaction is among the five highest domain sales across all top-level domains for 2023, as well as the largest across generic top-level domain transactions. It was noted that the transaction is almost four times higher than the current chart-topper, IO.net, which sold at $118,000.

As mentioned, the domain was acquired by the same group that previously acquired casino.online. Casino.online’s chief executive officer, Patrick Gerhard, commented on the acquisition of betting.online, praising it as a “significant milestone” for his team. According to Gerhard, his group will leverage its second gambling-related .online domain to further expand its presence in the online casino industry.

Gerhard concluded:

We’re thrilled to add betting.online to our portfolio and have some exciting plans for using this domain. We chose to go ahead with it because a .Online domain is a great fit for our industry, and having keyword-rich domains such as these are a critical asset in our brand and vision.

Patrick Gerhard, CEO, Casino,online

Another Big Domain Deal for Radix

For reference, casino.online attracts as many as 160,000+ visitors each month, with a third of this number representing direct traffic. The group hopes to replicate this success and also cement betting.online as a leading domain.

The betting.online domain is part of Radix’s ultra-premium platinum inventory that includes domains valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars. Radix sells these domains directly or through brokerages and marketplaces. Betting.online’s sale differed from Radix’s usual sales, most of which are triggered sales with a recurring premium fee and sold through its global registrar channel network via EPP.


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