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EPIC to Provide Harm Minimization Training to The Hippodrome’s Employees

EPIC Risk Management will leverage lived experience to help The Hippodrome’s employees learn to be empathetic and capable of dealing with harmed or at-risk guests

EPIC Risk Management, a gambling harm minimization consultancy, unveiled an expansion of its existing relationship with The Hippodrome Casino. As announced, the two companies have now signed a two-year gambling harm minimization deal.

Previously, EPIC delivered a pilot safer gambling program to the casino. Soon after, the two parties teamed up for a showcase event at the property where they underscored the importance of harm minimization training.

As per the current deal, EPIC will deliver such training to The Hippodrome Casino’s staff. According to the announcement, both licensed and unlicensed customer-facing employees will learn how to prioritize safer gambling while interacting with casino visitors.

According to the announcement, the first such program will include 20 workshops and 4 focus group evaluation sessions where EPIC will teach The Hippodrome’s employees to identify signs of harm, vulnerability and stigma. The workers will be taught how to handle such cases and how to properly deal with harmed or at-risk customers.

EPIC will leverage lived experience to reinforce the program and make sure that The Hippodrome is able is ready to minimize harm.

In June, EPIC Risk Management and the Entain Foundation formed a partnership agreement with the Major League Soccer Players Association.

The Hippodrome Trusts EPIC to Teach Empathy to Its Employees

The new program will be led by EPIC’s sustainability manager Joanna Whitehall. The harm expert commented on the partnership with The Hippodrome, saying that her team is happy to deepen its relationship with the famous London-based casino.

Whitehall noted that harm minimization is still a fairly new sector which is why many casino workers may lack the knowledge needed to intervene when needed, even if they want to. However, EPIC’s expertise will help The Hippodrome remain ahead of the curve by teaching its employees to identify and tackle harm with confidence, Whitehall said.

We look forward to working with The Hippodrome Casino further, to improve safety and confidence for staff and clients alike, and trust that we can continue to expand the reach of this program to other land-based casinos across the UK who have expressed an interest in a similar project at their venue.

Joanna Whitehall, sustainability manager, EPIC Risk Management

Sam Douglas, The Hippodrome’s director of business services, also expressed his company’s delight to work with EPIC Risk Management. He said that the casino trusts the agency to leverage lived experience to teach its employees to be empathetic and understanding.

The training they provide is invaluable, and we have already seen a positive impact on our team. We are happy that this partnership will assist us in creating a safe environment for our players in the years to come.

Sam Douglas, director of business services, The Hippodrome Casino

Two months ago, a branch of Max Halley’s Sandwich Shop opened at the Hippodrome.


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