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MLSPA Partners with EPIC Risk Management and Entain Foundation

The three-year program aims to equip the association's members with the necessary knowledge to minimize the risks associated with sports wagering and protect the integrity of the game

EPIC Risk Management and Entain Foundation US have announced a new partnership with the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA) to provide education and awareness programs on gambling harm. 

The Partnership Is Set to Empower Soccer Players with Gambling Education and Resources

The collaboration between EPIC Risk Management, Entain Foundation U.S., and the MLSPA will involve customized workshops and advisory resources. The program will provide MLSPA members with valuable insights into the relationship between gambling and professional sports in the United States. The funding for this initiative is made possible by Entain Foundation US, which has been actively sponsoring various information and education programs on problem gambling throughout the country.

Ben McGregor, the director of sports partnerships at EPIC Risk Management, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating: “We are looking forward to working with the MLSPA and its membership in delivering this national program to provide crucial education and advice regarding the ever-growing relationship between wagering and professional sports in the US.” 

McGregor emphasized the need for informed understanding among players to mitigate the risk of sporting integrity issues arising from gambling activities.

MLSPA COO Dan Jones was also thrilled about the partnership, highlighting the importance of educating and supporting players in light of the evolving presence and risks of sports betting. The MLSPA aims to ensure that players have access to essential education, resources, and support.

Collaboration between Entain Foundation and EPIC Risk Management Enhances Sports Integrity Programs

The Entain Foundation US, launched in 2019 by the Entain Global Foundation and the Entain Group, has been actively promoting responsible gambling and sports integrity. In May, for example, Entain Foundation US and the NHL Alumni Association (NHLAA) formed a three-year partnership focused on responsible gambling for hockey fans. As part of the collaboration, the Entain Foundation provides support through contributions to the charity’s health and wellness programs and expands the availability of responsible gambling education programs to all NHLAA members.

The Entain Foundation also sponsors gambling harm programs outside the US. In March, the foundation provided funding for the Alumni Project of Gordon Moody, a British problem gambling treatment charity, to establish a network of ex-gambling addicts who will serve as peer mentors and help others struggling with problem gambling or finishing treatment.EPIC Risk Management, a globally leading consultancy specializing in gambling harm minimization, also brings its expertise to the table with this collaboration. The organization has previously worked with high-profile sporting entities, including the NCAA and NFLPA. Through its partnership with Entain Foundation US, EPIC Risk Management will extend its programs to all 29 teams in the MLS, covering topics such as gambling harm prevention, problem gaming, and sports integrity.


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