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EPIC Risk Management and NFLPA PAF Fight Gambling Harm with New Partnership

EPIC Risk Management and the NFLPA PAF extend their existing partnership in a bid to do even more to fight gambling harm

The partnership will offer NFLPA members a series of live workshops, events, seminars, and customized projects using in-person facilitators to educate and raise awareness about gambling harm. This ambitious calendar of delivery looks to cover NFLPA members and their support networks, from the locker room to the board room.

The Intense Growth of Sports Wagering in the US Calls for Gambling Harm Prevention

Since July 2020, EPIC Risk Management, in collaboration with Entain Foundation US, has provided virtual educational programs for NFLPA members, and with this new, expanded partnership, they aim to take their efforts to the next level. 

With a record $16 billion wagered by 50 million Americans on last month’s Super Bowl, the partnership between EPIC Risk Management, Entain Foundation US, and the NFLPA PAF could not be more timely. It is more important than ever to educate and raise awareness about the dangers of gambling addiction. The partnership aims to equip NFLPA members with the essential resources to effectively reduce gambling harm risks.

The PAF has been helping NFLPA members and their families since 1990, offering a range of health, financial, and educational resources. With over 13,000 NFLPA-engaged members aiding in the post-football success of the latter group, the PAF has become an essential part of the NFLPA’s work. 

They have also enabled the NFL to be the first professional sports league in the United States to run a program on problem gambling education and awareness when they first engaged with EPIC Risk Management and Entain Foundation US to face the issue head-on.

Executives Embrace the Newly Extended Partnership

Caryl Banks, the Senior Professional Athletes Foundation Manager at NFLPA, emphasized the importance of educating members on the risks of problem gambling. She stated that since partnering with EPIC Risk Management, they have collaborated effectively in raising awareness among a vulnerable demographic. 

Banks expressed a desire to expand the partnership further to prioritize proactive and preventative measures for the well-being of members. She praised EPIC Risk Management for being a market leader in delivering educational programs and for sharing their commitment to athlete welfare.

John Millington, Senior Director at EPIC Risk Management, also commented on the extended collaboration:

We are delighted, with the support of the Entain Foundation US, to continue working with the NFLPA PAF in supporting their proactive and holistic approach to prioritizing the welfare of the person behind the player. Together, we will continue to provide the NFLPA PAF with our full range of gambling harm minimization expertise, so they remain at the forefront of this vital work.

John Millington, Senior Director at EPIC Risk Management

EPIC Risk Management offers innovative programs designed to prevent harm and reduce risks associated with gambling in high-risk sectors, such as sports betting. They provide comprehensive training, advisory, and support services to individuals and organizations, helping them to minimize the negative effects of gambling on their operations. 


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