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International Betting Integrity Association Welcomes betPARX

The addition of the sportsbook will help strengthen the association’s efforts as it seeks to establish a firmer foothold in North America

IBIA is one of the leading sports betting integrity bodies on a global scale and joining it is usually associated with the member committing to high integrity standards and a certain code of conduct. betPARX is active across the US with licenses in New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Maryland which is part of its broader North American focus.

Strong North American Pivot for IBIA

Joining IBIA is part of the company’s efforts to ensure that players have a safer and fairer betting experience. The move also further solidifies IBIA’s position as a global monitoring authority on the matter.

“We are thrilled to join IBIA and affirm our commitment to promoting the highest standards of integrity in sports betting,” said Matthew Cullenbet – betPARX’s SVP of Interactive Gaming and Sports. IBIA was equally happy to have betPARX onboard as well. “IBIA is delighted that betPARX has chosen IBIA as the operator’s preferred monitoring partner,” said Khalid Ali – IBIA CEO.

To get to this point, betPARX has undergone a rigorous due diligence process, as the not-for-profit association’s admission process dictates. Additionally, IBIA members are also required to commit to a code of conduct, which mandates members to follow good responsible gambling practices. IBIA is run by operators for operators and aims to protect members from corruption.

IBIA’s monitoring and alert network is highly specialized to be effective against corruption. However, it’s also a great tool that can detect and subsequently report any suspicious activity occurring on its members’ betting markets. Additionally, IBIA is partnering with sports and gambling regulators for information sharing, further strengthening its own commitments.

IBIA is Keeping Busy

An important aspect of IBIA’s successful network is its relationships with data providers. Recently H2 Gambling Capital and IBIA extended their data deal. The partnership has been deemed very successful, and H2 has been globally recognized for its leading database. The partnership goes back to 2021 when the duo joined together to release the “International Betting Integrity Association Study” white paper.

These are the signs that many look to when assessing IBIA’s continued development and establishment as a definitive global voice in the global betting industry. At the beginning of February, the not-for-profit association released its Q4 and annual 2022 integrity statistics document. It contains stats about the suspicious betting alerts that IBIA has reported throughout the year.

As per the data IBIA released, more suspicious betting was registered in 2022. The report contained a total of 268 alerts, making for a 14% growth compared to 2021. This was largely attributed to the increase in the number of IBIA members that was achieved over the course of last year. Europe was the largest contributor of alerts once more, contributing almost 50% of the annual total.


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