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Max Halley’s Sandwich Shop Arrives at London’s Hippodrome Casino

London's bustling food scene welcomes the arrival of Max Halley's latest venture, Max Halley at the Hippodrome, a sandwich shop located in the heart of Leicester Square

Renowned for his successful establishment, Max’s Sandwich Shop in Crouch Hill, Halley has partnered with the Hippodrome Casino to bring his culinary delights to a more central location.

Experience Mouthwatering Sandwiches at Max Halley’s Hippodrome Venture

The choice of The Hippodrome as the venue for Max Halley’s sandwich shop may raise a few eyebrows initially. However, the decision is rooted in the historical origins of the sandwich itself. According to the tale, the 4th Earl of Sandwich devised this ingenious creation to enjoy a meal without leaving a card table, by placing roast beef between slices of bread. Halley embraces this heritage and aims to provide sandwich enthusiasts with ample opportunities to savor his mouthwatering offerings.

The menu at Max Halley at the Hippodrome promises a delectable assortment of sandwiches. One highlight is the Meatball Bonanza, featuring USDA meatballs, tomato sauce, creme fraiche, oregano, mozzarella, and a hint of American mustard, all encased in a panini roll. 

Seafood aficionados can indulge in the Prawn Cocktail Please, a brioche bun filled with prawns in Marie rose sauce, shredded lettuce, avocado, cucumber, and a sprinkle of crushed prawn cocktail crisps. For those craving a smoky treat, the Bacon Chop BLT awaits—a panini roll stuffed with a grilled bacon chop, lettuce wedge, marinated tomatoes, smoky bacon, and a touch of jalapeno mayo.

Additionally, Max Halley introduces two Straight Up Deli Classics, served on ciabatta bread. The Veggie option boasts grilled artichokes and aubergines, sun-blushed tomatoes, creamy burrata, lemon zest, chopped green olives, basil, and a drizzle of truffle mayo. Meat lovers can relish the Meaty creation, which combines mortadella, cooked ham, artichokes, burrata, basil, lemon zest, chopped green olives, and truffle mayo.

Visitors can enjoy these delectable sandwiches anywhere within the casino, as they are available throughout the day from 10:00 am to 5:00 am. Max Halley at the Hippodrome will open its doors on June 1, 2023, at Cranbourn Street in Leicester Square. 

From Crêpes to Sandwiches: Hippodrome Casino’s Growing Culinary Scene

Max Halley’s sandwich shop comes as the latest expansion of the variety of dining options available at the Hippodrome. At the beginning of May, the casino, situated near Leicester Square, introduced three new venues and added 2,400 square feet of space to accommodate the new dining facilities. The redevelopment included CrêpeAffaire, an all-day eatery specializing in French crêpes and beverages, followed by Chop Chop by Four Seasons, a contemporary Chinese restaurant offering dishes inspired by Four Seasons’ renowned cuisine. The casino also plans to open a cocktail bar with a subterranean theme later this year. These additions align with Hippodrome Casino’s broader growth strategy focused on elevating its hospitality and entertainment offerings.

Another recent development saw the Hippodrome Casino reach an agreement with the global unified payments group Trust Payments to provide cashless payment solutions. Through the casino’s mobile app, visitors are now able to make payments across the property using Trust Payments’ solution. This collaboration aimed to modernize the venue’s payment methods, enhance the customer experience, and support the casino’s commitment to safer gambling.


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