November 3, 2022 3 min read


Hippodrome Casino Goes Cashless with Trust Payments

Global unified payments group Trust Payments has struck a major deal with the Hippodrome Casino, agreeing to provide it with cashless payment solutions. Following the agreement, casino visitors will be able to pay through the venue’s mobile app.

Trust Payments to Power Hippodrome Casino with Cashless Solutions

Per the agreement, Trust Payments will power Hippodrome Casino with its new cashless wallet mobile payment solution. Starting in December, this deal will allow customers to use the Hippodrome Casino mobile app as a valid payment method. This will notably apply to all touchpoints across the entire property and its multiple floors and facilities.

In addition, all payments will be processed through the TRU Connect Payments Gateway, a proprietary Trust Payments solution. The latter will practically allow Hippodrome Casino customers to pay via Google Pay and Apple Pay, making it easier for smartphone owners to play.

This monumental agreement was made possible thanks to Qubzo Limited, a British payments consultancy firm. The consultancy’s founder, Rohin Thakrar, said that he checked quite a few payment providers before suggesting Trust Payments, which he believes is the perfect fit for the Hippodrome Casino and its customers.

The Agreement Will Modernize the Venue’s Payments

Jonathan O’Connor, Trust Payments’ chief commercial officer, spoke about the new agreement. He shared that the opportunity to work with the famed casino is exciting. O’Connor added that his team is looking forward to digitalizing Hippodrome Casino’s payment offerings and allowing its customers to use cashless payment methods on the property’s premises.

This includes token-based payment options for deposits and withdrawals allowing a seamless pay-in and pay-out experience for players.

Jonathan O’Connor, CCO, Trust Payments

O’Connor concluded that cashless solutions are great for the overall customer experience as they will allow users to quickly and seamlessly pay. This, in turn, would inspire brand loyalty and will drive more sales. In addition, digitalized payments will make it easier to manage customer data.

John Burley who directs Software Services, the company behind Hippodrome Casino’s mobile application, praised Trust Payments for its solutions. He also thanked Qubzo for facilitating the deal, saying that it helped ensure a quick and simple integration process.

Lastly, George Constantinou, Hippodrome Casino’s director of online gaming, said that he is glad to work with Trust Payments on cashless payments. The director added that this integration comes just in time for the venue’s tenth anniversary and called it “another great stride forward.”

Constantinou concluded that the integration of Trust Payments’ cashless solutions will modernize Hippodrome Casino’s payment options while maintaining its existing commitment to safer gambling.  


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