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DSWV Directs Attention to Objections to Advertising Ban

CDU's Tobias Krull launches scathing critics of the federal drug commissioner's proposal arguing it will impact the federal states and sports clubs

The German Sports Betting Association (DSWV) published a press release on its website to direct the public attention to the opposition to the proposed ban on sports betting advertising by the federal states expressed by one of the CDU members of parliament from Saxon-Anhalt, Tobias Krull.

Impeding on Federal States’ Powers

In his statement, Krull openly criticized the proposed ban on sports betting advertising by the Federal Drug Commissioner and SPD member, Burkhard Blienert, outlining that the proposed bans on sports betting advertising and sports sponsorships will be in conflict with the stipulations of the State Treaty on Gambling, will interfere with the federal states’ competencies and take away from their powers.

“Approved game and betting providers are bound by strict guidelines on youth protection and addiction prevention,” Krull wrote, pointing out that an advertising ban for legal offers presents “a considerable risk that unregulated gaming opportunities will be used more frequently without the appropriate support and protection mechanisms.”

He further added that due to the need to make sure “that people with problematic addictive behavior are recognized quickly,” the demands made by the federal government’s addiction commissioner will be firmly rejected.

Depriving Clubs of Advertising Income

On the topic of sports sponsorships, Krull believes that Blienert’s proposal for a total ban will stop sports clubs from working with sports betting providers, resulting in a serious financing gap in the clubs’ budgets due to the missing income from advertising and “thus [turning out to be] at the expense of the sport.

“We will not allow that,” Krull stated.

To prove his point, Krull points to official DSWV estimates that in 2022, sports sponsorships poured into top sports clubs in the country around €63 million ($67.5 million), and any ban on sports betting advertising would jeopardize these partnerships and the benefits they bring to the clubs.

Blienert, who has been urging the government to take action against alcohol, tobacco and gambling advertising for a while, invited representatives from the fields of science, advertising and industry to announce the launch of his new public debate series of events in April.

In his speech then, Blienert said that “tobacco, alcohol and sports betting are far too present in the public space [and] something needs to change,” adamant that he will drive that change.

He also said that “the vast majority of the population no longer wants alcohol advertising” and demands that a stop to all sponsorship of tobacco products or by sports betting providers in football be put, vocal that politicians can no longer ignore these demands.

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