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Camilla Rosenberg Remains at the Helm of Spelinspektionen

The appointment extends the term of the current director general through October 2026 and comes amid important changes designating new powers to the regulator

Spelinspektionen, the Swedish Gambling Authority, tasked with the regulation of gambling activities in the country, revealed on Tuesday that it extended the term of its current director general. The regulator confirmed that Camilla Rosenberg, who currently serves as director general, will remain in her role until October 31, 2026.

Rosenberg joined the Swedish Gambling Authority in 2017. Back then, she was appointed to the role of director general of the entity which held the name Lotteriinspektionen at the time. Then, in 2019, when Sweden introduced new regulations related to the gambling market and Lotteriinspektionen became Spelinspektionen, she remained in her role.

Spearheading Spelinspektionen, Rosenberg helped the regulator continue to grow and gain new powers. Not unexpectedly, a prime objective for the regulator is to ensure that all licensees adhere to the established regulations which helps create a fair and safe gambling market for the consumers.

Appointment Comes Ahead of Expected Changes for Sweden’s Gambling Market

The extended term of the regulator’s director general comes after only recently, changes to the gambling regulation granted Spelinspektionen more powers. Under the recent changes, set to launch on July 1, 2023, the Authority would have the right to block electronic payments. The rules enable Spelinspektionen to block payments to and from unlicensed gambling operators, allowing stricter control of the market.

Additionally, the changes will enable the Authority to use a hidden identity for purchasing gambling services. This seeks to expand its options to oversee the market, allowing it to see if operators adhere to the established regulatory framework in Sweden. Spelinspektionen would also have the option to keep personal data when investigating potential match-fixing cases within the sector.

It feels good to be able to continue working on launching the various parts of the reform and taking the continued important steps for a well-functioning Swedish gaming market.

Camilla Rosenberg, director general of the Swedish Gambling Authority

Without any doubt, the regulator has seen significant changes under the guidance of Rosenberg. Sharing her excitement, she said that it is thrilling to be a part of a strategic reform for the gambling market in the country. Finally, Rosenberg vowed to continue to help the Authority make changes to ensure a better licensed gambling market.


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