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Denmark’s Spillemyndigheden Joins ULIS

As an associate member of the ULIS, the Spillemyndigheden will become a part of a united effort against fraud in sports and betting

Denmark’s gambling regulator, the Spillemyndigheden, has been welcomed to the United Lotteries for Integrity in Sports (ULIS), a mutualized monitoring system for sports betting. By joining the union, the authority demonstrates its desire to protect Danish sports from fraud.

As an associate member of the ULIS, the Spillemyndigheden will receive access to the union’s resources, as well as its expertise in sports integrity. In addition, the Danish regulator will be able to participate in various ULIS events and activities, such as workshops, conferences and training sessions.

The ULIS is a non-profit association that seeks to shield sports and sports betting from fraud by promoting integrity and transparency. The organization encompasses lottery companies from all over the world, allowing them to share their experiences as they seek to protect the integrity of sporting events.

The ULIS has also allied itself with many sports organizations, governments and regulators to wage war on corruption in professional sports. With the Spillemyndigheden joining the association as an associate member, Denmark will become a part of this united effort against fraud in sports and betting.

The Regulator Will Be Able to Better Protect Its Local Market

The Spillemyndigheden is the body responsible for regulating gambling in Denmark. The body recognizes the difficulties the local market faces, as well as the concerning gambling harm rates and seeks to take appropriate action when needed.

In this case, joining the ULIS will provide the authority with access to shared data and expertise that will help it in its duty to regulate and supervise the local gambling market.

Luca Esposito, ULIS’ general secretary, welcomed the Spillemyndigheden to the association, praising its commitment to fairness and transparency. She noted that the collaboration will certainly help the regulator protect the Danish market.

The Danish Gambling Authority is committed to ensuring a fair and transparent market in Denmark. We believe that our collaboration and cooperation are key to ensuring the integrity of sports betting in Denmark, and we look forward to working with the Danish Gambling Authority as our new public authority associate member.

Luca Esposito, general secretary, ULIS

In the meantime, Denmark prepares to introduce ID checks for all forms of gambling in the country. This is a move that seeks to lower the concerningly-high gambling harm rates in the country and protect local customers from harm.

The new rules will come into force from October 1, requiring all operators to register their customers.

In other news, a recent study demonstrated that many Danish gamblers start playing before turning 18.


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