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DSWV Asked the GGL to Fight the Black Market

Deutscher Sportwettenverband (DSWV), the German association of sports betting providers, appealed to the new federal gambling regulator. The Association asked the Glücksspielbehörde (GGL) to take action now and curb illegal gambling.

The GGL Must Take Action Now

The DSWV knows that taking on the black market is no easy task. However, it is something that absolutely must be done to ensure a healthy gambling ecosystem. Because of that, the Association contacted the newly-appointed gambling regulator and asked it to take action against unlicensed gambling.

Mathias Dahms, the president of the DSWV, emphasized that dealing with the black market will be a monumental effort for the GGL. He pointed out that the lack of proper regulation has allowed illegal operators to occupy a huge portion of the market, which harms the regulated industry.

To put things into perspective, the DSWV recently identified a whopping 507 unlicensed betting operators that offer their products in Germany. For comparison, licensed operators number only 36.

Cracking Down on the Black Market Will Be Difficult

Given the severity of the situation, Dahms is firm that the GGL must intervene right now and deal with the problem. This will be no easy task but Dahms hopes that the GGL will be able to do it. After all, it is in everyone’s interest to ensure a safe and honest market for legal operators.

In addition, Dahms added that it is the GGL’s responsibility to make sure the licensees’ products are better than what the black market has to give. This way, customers will be less likely to play with offshore operators.

Dahms believes that the right combination of action against unlicensed companies and good legal products will do wonders and bring players back to the legal alternative.

Germany Celebrates Its New Regulator

The GGL was assembled in June, under Germany’s Fourth State Treaty on Gambling. The new regulator replaced the Sachsen-Anhalt State Administration Office last Friday. However, it will not be until January 1, 2023, when the GGL takes full control of the German gambling industry.

Before stepping down as Germany’s regulator, the Sachsen-Anhalt State Administration Office issued licenses to several new iGaming websites. Per its decision, the regulator approved a total of nine poker and slots websites.

Germany is one of Europe’s strictest gambling markets. This eventually caused Kindred Group to make a difficult decision and leave the jurisdiction because of the lack of sustainability.


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