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Drake Curse Over as Rapper Brings in $800K on Denver Nuggets

The famous rapper may be turning his fortunes around after two bets on the Denver Nuggets have paid more than $800,000 to the celebrity bettor

This is not to say that luck didn’t have something to do with it. Drake, real name Aubrey Drake Graham, has been known in gambling circles as the man who usually ends up losing a lot of money on his gambling antics.

Denver Nuggets Bet Fetches Drake a Hefty Payout

Not this time, as the $1.25 million the rapper placed actually fetched him $830,000 after he bet on the Denver Nuggets to beat the Miami Heat in the NBA Championship, which consists of five games. The rapper placed two separate bets on the Nuggets to beat the Heat, one of which was a $1 million wager on Denver to win the series entirely. He was looking at a $230,000 return from this bet alone, so a rather high risk all in all.

The second bet he placed was a $250,000 that Miami Heat would not win more than a game, with the Nuggets closing the series cleanly and yielding him a $600K return. Put it all together, and the rapper ended up claiming a whopping $830,000. Drake has been known to miss the mark on quite a few events.

He lost his $400,000 wager on Jake Paul to beat Tommy Fury, cousin to the all-time best heavyweight boxer, Tyson Fury.  Drake also lost $2 million on Israel Adesanya to successfully defend his title against Alex Pereira. Those sports, though, Drake did not understand too much.

Basketball has been his passion, as Drake is a common heckler on the sidelines of most NBA games. However, his gambling habits have been mostly called a “curse” due to the rapper’s overconfidence in placing large amounts of money that he subsequently lost.

All of the wagers, including his winnings during his most recent gambling session, were placed with Stake.com, a brand that he cherishes and enjoys betting with. Drake has also been caught betting on roulette at Stake.com. Another notorious bet he placed was on Conor McGregor, the firebrand UFC fighter to win against Khabib Nurmagomedov in the UFC Lightweight Championship – a grossly miscalculated bet as well.


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