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Debate Ignites as New Orleans Lawmaker Pushes to Ban Gambling Ads

The bill proposal, solely authored by Mena, arrives as Louisiana legalized online sports betting in 55 out of 64 parishes, following approval by voters in many New Orleans districts

In a bold move that has stirred debate across the state of Louisiana, a freshman lawmaker from New Orleans, State Rep. Shaun Mena, is pushing for legislation that would ban all forms of advertising related to gambling, including television, online platforms, and print media. Mena, who assumed office earlier this year, argues that while he is not seeking to outlaw online sports betting itself, he wants to eliminate the promotion of such activities.

House Bill 727 Takes Aim at Gambling Ads Amid Louisiana’s Online Betting Surge

The proposal, known as House Bill 727 and authored solely by Mena, comes at a time when online sports betting is flourishing, with Louisiana legalizing it in 55 out of 64 parishes, a move sanctioned by voters in numerous New Orleans districts.

Mena stated that his motivation stemmed from concerns regarding the increasing numbers of individuals seeking assistance from national gambling addiction hotlines, reported WDSU News

Mena clarified that he was not proposing a ban on online sports betting but rather aimed to prohibit its advertisement. Mena emphasized his desire to protect families from the negative consequences of gambling addiction, especially among young adults.

However, despite Mena’s noble intentions, the bill faces skepticism regarding its chances of success. State Sen. Kirk Talbot, a Republican representing River Ridge, expressed doubts about the bill’s feasibility, citing the significant economic impact of the gaming industry in Louisiana, which generated over $200 million for the state last year and supports numerous jobs.

Mena’s Proposal Faces Uphill Battle Amid Economic Concerns

Critics argue that the proposed legislation could hinder economic growth by impeding the casino industry’s ability to advertise, including prominent landmarks such as the Caesars Superdome, which recently secured naming rights from a gaming company.

While Mena draws inspiration from a similar federal initiative proposed by New York Congressman Paul Tonko, named the “Betting On Our Future Act,” which seeks to ban gambling advertisements across various media channels, the Louisiana lawmaker faces an uphill battle in garnering support for his bill within the state legislature.

At the same time, in January, Louisiana’s sports betting sector generated $52.7 million in gross revenue, driven by aggressive marketing efforts from its ten mobile sportsbooks. Despite falling short of December’s figures, the state remains a lucrative market for operators, with a 22.7% year-over-year increase in handle and a record-high promotional spending spree.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding the bill’s fate, Mena remains resolute in his conviction that the state legislature is the appropriate forum to address concerns about the impact of gambling advertising on Louisiana families.

As House Bill 727 awaits consideration by a House committee, its prospects remain uncertain, leaving many to speculate on whether it will ever progress beyond its current stage.


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