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Betr CEO Joey Levy Remains Bullish on Company’s Long-Term Prospects

The company has set its sights on expanding into additional US states and intends to roll out an online casino and a revamped sportsbook later this year

Joey Levy, the CEO of Betr, is standing firm on the company’s long-term growth strategy despite recent setbacks, including its withdrawal from Massachusetts. In a whirlwind week filled with fundraising and sports industry developments, Levy expressed confidence in Betr’s trajectory.

Betr’s Levy Talks Sustainable Growth Amid $375M Valuation

On March 13, Levy participated in a high-profile panel discussion in Manhattan alongside key figures in the sports betting industry, as reported by Sports Handle. The appearance came hot on the heels of Betr’s announcement of a successful funding round, valuing the company at an impressive $375 million.

Unlike many competitors, Betr has adopted a cautious approach to customer acquisition, steering clear of expensive promotions that have plagued other operators. While this strategy has affected market share in some regions, Levy remains committed to sustainable, long-term growth.

Addressing speculation about a potential acquisition, Levy dismissed the idea, emphasizing Betr’s focus on building for the future rather than seeking quick profits.

Betr, co-founded by Levy and YouTube personality Jake Paul, has made significant strides since its inception in 2022. Leveraging technology developed by Levy’s previous venture, Simplebet, Betr offers innovative micro-betting options powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Betr’s Recent $15M Funding Round Signals Confidence in Innovative Strategy

The recent $15 million funding round, which attracted investments from prominent venture capital firms, such as Harmony Partners and 10x Capital, underscores confidence in Betr’s differentiated approach to the market. Levy highlighted the company’s cutting-edge technology, which he believes surpasses that of industry giants in certain aspects.

Despite challenges, including a modest market share in Massachusetts and intense competition from established players like DraftKings, Betr remains undeterred. The company is eyeing expansion into new states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Indiana, Colorado, and Kentucky, with plans to launch an online casino and a revamped sportsbook later this year.

Notably, Betr even opted not to offer real-money wagers on the upcoming boxing match between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul, citing potential regulatory concerns. While the event presents an opportunity to attract new customers, Betr remains focused on maintaining integrity and avoiding conflicts of interest.

With high-profile events like Tyson-Paul on the horizon, Betr aims to leverage creative marketing strategies to cultivate brand loyalty and drive growth. Levy is confident that Betr’s strong fundamentals and innovative approach will position the company as a leader in the rapidly evolving sports betting landscape.

Levy expressed optimism about the future prospects of the company as Betr continues to navigate its path. He emphasized their readiness to accelerate growth and become frontrunners in the industry.


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