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Jake Paul Overhauls Sports Betting with New Venture Called Betr

Social media celebrity Jake Paul together with Simplebet co-founder Joey Levy are revolutionizing sports betting with their new micro-betting-centered company and sports media venture Betr, which is targeting sports fans directly.  

Betr Has Attracted a $50 Million Investment

Betr is the first of its kind micro-betting mobile application directed at the mass consumer. It is the only sports betting company that focuses mainly on micro-betting.  It uses the technology developed at Simplebet, which makes possible betting on micro moments in sports games such as pitches and at-bats. The main characteristics of Betr are the simple user interface and the instant gratification that micro-betting offers to the users. Paul defines it this way:

Micro-betting is the TikTok-ification of sports betting and I am excited to bring it to the masses through Betr. We are in this for the long haul and are focused on doing things the right way.

YouTube star Jake Paul

The Paul-Levy start-up attracted a massive investment of $50 million from a wide variety of strategic and institutional investors, including sports team owners, but also from influencers, athletes and celebrities.

In the coming weeks Betr will be launched as an application that will allow free play across all of the 50 US states. Gradually sports betting with real money will be released after the company acquires licenses on a state-by-state basis following the specific rules and regulations of each US state. The company has also announced that it has secured important strategic partnerships that will allow for market access in many of the US states. 

A strong team has joined the new venture. FanDuel‘s Alex Ursa will be Betr’s Head of Product and Bleacher Report’s Mike Denevi is to become Betr’s Head of Media. Both of them bring significant experience with developing gambling brands into market leaders.

Betr will be based in Miami and the team will work together in the Miami office, which is seen as a major advantage by the two founders.

Jake Paul Will Promote Betr Through a Series of Franchises

Jake Paul announced the launch of Betr through a new weekly sports show “BS w/ Jake Paul”, which forms part of Betr’s media venture. “BS w/ Jake Paul” is hosted by Paul who together with celebrity and sports guests will discuss the most important news from the sports world. With the premium content it offers the show will promote the Betr brand but will also try to attract sponsors generating revenue for the company. The show will be the first in a series of Betr franchises. The new Betr sports media initiative has set the ambitious goal of becoming the leading media platform for sports fans worldwide.


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