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Danish Gambling Authority Blocks 83 Illegal Websites

This effort marks the most wide-reaching block in the regulator’s history as it aims to usher in a healthy gambling market and protect consumers from black market operators

Spillemyndigheden, the Danish Gambling Authority (DGA), has achieved a significant legal victory, successfully obtaining a court order in Næstved to block 83 websites offering illegal gambling services in the country. This action marks the 10th occasion that the Gambling Authority has sought legal recourse to ban illegal platforms, showcasing an intensified effort to eradicate unauthorized gambling sites.

The Regulator Plans to Intensify Its Efforts

Since the partial liberalization of the Danish gambling market in 2012, the Gambling Authority has been actively blocking illegal websites that provide betting and online casino services to Danish consumers without the necessary permissions. The recent court ruling on 15 February 2024 affirmed the Gambling Authority’s stance, bringing the total count of blocked illegal sites to 359 since 2012.

The record-breaking move to block 83 websites in a single year surpasses the previous high of 82 websites blocked in 2022. Anders Dorph, the director of the Gambling Authority, anticipates further actions in 2024, hoping that improved monitoring and more regular blocks would lead to positive change and dissuade violations.

We have intensified our work to shut down the illegal sites so that we now get them blocked twice a year instead of once as previously.

Anders Dorph, DGA director

Dorph emphasized the importance of this increased effort, aiming to minimize the period during which Danish players are exposed to illegal gambling activities. He expressed concern for vulnerable groups, especially children and young people, who are often targeted by illegal sites with lax age verification requirements and games appealing to younger audiences, such as skin betting.

The DGA Remains Committed to Ensuring Player Safety

The Gambling Authority employs a multi-faceted approach to identify illegal sites. Automated searches, citizen and business reports, and continuous market monitoring contribute to detection. Upon discovering illegal offerings, the Gambling Authority notifies the website owners, requesting them to cease their activities. If a gambling operator fails to comply, the authority seeks court orders to block the illegal site.

Offering games in Denmark or targeting the Danish market is illegal without proper licensing from the Gambling Authority. Specific elements, including the Danish language, currency, payment methods, customer service, connection via Steam, and game selection, determine if a game is considered aimed at Denmark. The blocked websites predominantly offer traditional casino games like roulette, slot machines, poker, and betting.

The Gambling Authority encourages players to verify the authorization of a gaming provider by checking for the authority’s license mark on their website and marketing materials. This proactive approach aims to safeguard consumers and maintain the integrity of Denmark’s regulated gambling market.

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