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Dana White Celebrates Adin Ross’ Gambling, Calls It Hardcore

The boisterous Ultimate Fighting Championship's top honcho, Dana White, has celebrated Adin Ross, a Kick streamer who has gambled away millions and remains a constant fixture of media attention.

UFC president Dana White recently rhapsodized about Adin Ross, noting that Ross has been more than dabbling in gambling, spending heavily without seemingly affecting his net worth.

Adin Ross Celebrated by Dana White for Low Risk Aversion

White, a bit of a gambling buff himself, appeared on the FLAGRANT podcast hosted by Akaash Sing and Andrew Schulz. White became very passionate about gambling when it was brought up and shared a story about Charles Barkley, who once wagered $650,000 at a party.

Barkley is known for his often excessive gambling and not always wise decisions. Yet, White was fascinated by Barkley’s risk aversion and was happy to share the story. “I’ll tell you this, though—Charles Barkley is a gambler, too. Charles Barkley came to Power Slap, and the one that we did at the Durango, I have a big gambling party after, and he f**king beat him for, like, $650,000,” White recounted.

Even Barkley’s exploits paled in comparison with what Adin Ross was able to do during Power Slap. “This kid is what, 22? He goes on fking… he’s up a million, he’s down $750,000, he’s up $1,500,000 in a fking Power Slap weekend,” White said, growing more excited with his account.

Adin Ross has been a fixture in gambling and streaming, often finding himself in controversial stories. He once lost $4 million in a single session, and a UNILAD story claimed that he also cheated during a game with marked cards.

In the meantime, criticism against the streamer had been shut down by fellow gambling icons, such as xQc, real name Félix Lengyel, who said that people who criticized him or Adin Ross were hypocrites who would have opted the same deals if they were offered to them. Admittedly, the paychecks both streamers command are enough to tempt the majority of people.

Adin Ross Continues to Fascinate with His Relentless Affinity for Gambling

He is also said to have lost $15 million in a single gambling session, according to media news outlet The SportsRush, citing the player’s own account, but the story was never corroborated by other sources.

Whether it’s betting or casino gaming, Adin Ross has been keen to participate, according to popular accounts. Ross also made headlines when he announced that he would be quitting his Twitch streaming career (he had been banned by the platform) to join Kick, a newly formed rival at the time. Twitch did consider unbanning Ross, but the CEO faced public criticism for potentially allowing gambling to proliferate on the Amazon-owned platform.

The streamer was also escorted out of a TwitchCon event in October 2023, following his ban from Twitch. At the time, Ross arrived with a few friends, donning Kick apparel to promote the new platform. He and his entourage were escorted out by security.


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