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xQc Calls Out “Losers” Who Are Upset with His Gambling

The controversial millionaire streamer has blasted detractors who have repeatedly taken issue with his gambling habits and streaming

Twitch and Kick streamer Félix Lengyel, or as he is known for his online handle, “xQc,” has blasted people who have repeatedly brought up his tendency to stream gambling for the “kicks of it,” accusing the former Overwatch professional player of opportunistically accepting deals with crypto gambling platforms and casinos and expose his followers to gambling.

Who Are You to Moralize – Ghandi?

xQc has repeatedly denied any ill intent on his part but has now become irate once again, calling out his detractors “losers.” He put himself in the same basket with Trainwrecks,  a fellow streamer who has proven even more controversial over his misogynistic comments on X, formerly Twitter, against female streamers and members of the community.

xQc has called out the moralizing bunch “losers” who want “something out of it.” The streamer was convinced that it was not simply a matter of taking the moral high ground, but also a desire for those same people who blasted him to gain something financially out of the situation or impede xQc and Trainwrecks’ own success.

“Like, what do you think prompts somebody to do this? What do you think, because they’ re like the messiah, they’re like Gandhi. That they save the world? Like, dude, they want something out of it, some sort of a reward. They feel they should get the bonus for being morally just. The reality it, there isn’t [a bonus]. You’re a loser. You’re not better than anybody else, you are a dumbf—k.”

xQc is said to have $100 million non-exclusive deals with Kick, the newly-formed streaming platform that was launched to offer a laxer approach to streaming content, with a particular focus on gambling, in the wake of Twitch’s ban on gambling.

Not Ashamed to Make an Honest Living

Over the years, xQc has tried to convince his audiences that he “actually enjoyed” gambling and it was something he would rather do than play Overwatch, for example.

More recently, though, the streamer seems to be making a clean breast out of his affinity for gambling which is at least partially rooted in the serious contracts he has been landing with gambling companies.

Both Trainwrecks and xQc have reported over the years that they had been broke because of gambling and promoted at least a moderate form of responsible gambling. Yet, their relationship with the gambling industry has only grown deeper.

Twitch may also be a target for takeover from Kick’s co-founder Bijan Tehrani, who has said as much himself earlier this year.


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