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Curaçao Publishes Licensing Guidelines as March 31 Deadline Looms

Gambling companies that wish to continue operating in Curaçao must fulfill their obligations and register by the end of the month

The Curaçao Gaming Control Board (GCB) has issued more guidelines for operators as the March 31 licensing deadline looms. After that date, operators will no longer be able to register sub-licenses on the GCB portal and will be unable to apply for direct licenses under the current legislation.

As a result, gambling companies that wish to operate in Curaçao must fulfill their obligations and register by the end of the month. As described in a 9-page document, operators must follow a precise application process and submit certain required documents.

An application will be considered as “submitted” if it includes the online gaming application form, the personal history disclosure form and the corporate and business information form. If operators with a submitted application fail to provide other documents by March 31, they must prove that they have taken action to acquire them.

The regulator pointed out that the new guidelines focus on registrations under the National Ordinance on Offshore Games of Hazard, instead of registrations under the upcoming National Ordinance for Games of Chance (LOK). As a result, operators without an existing sub-license or master license cannot apply until after the implementation of the LOK.

For reference, the LOK is a new set of regulations that would change how gambling is governed in the territory. It is still being discussed by members of the parliament. Currently, the island nation uses a system of master licenses and sub-licenses whereby it would issue licenses to six master license holders. Master license holders can then issue sub-licenses to other companies.

Sub-Licensees Should Remain Vigilant

As the March 31 deadline looms, the GCB noted that master licensees are responsible for the registrations of their sub-licensees.

Sub-licensees should remain vigilant as if their master license holder’s license inspires on August 31, would also be operating illegally if they continue to offer their products after that date. However, even if they don’t apply for a LOK license, they would still be able to operate legally between March 31 and August 31.

The Curaçao government began the implementation of the LOK in September 2023 and started to accept account registrations from November 1. The LOK is set to completely change the way gambling is regulated, marking a new chapter for gambling licensing in the island country.

In the meantime, Curaçao just issued its first direct gambling license to Rhino Entertainment. While some slammed the decision, Curaçao’s Minister of Finance, Javier Silvania, said that it is in line with the existing regulations.


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