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CS:GO Source 2 Engine Port Put on Hold Indefinitely

“It’s not happening,” said Valve insider Tyler McVicker on a quick stream session when commenting the likelihood of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) being ported to the Source 2 engine.

CS:GO Source 2 Engine Port Chances Disappear

When Tyler McVicker, the person behind Valve News Network, an insider outlet reporting on the juiciest secrets from the kitchen of the namesake developer, announced that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) would be coming to the Source 2 engine, the community was excited to receive slicker graphics and a somewhat less clunky gameplay.

Not that the game suffers from either issue too badly in any event, but touching up the engine would have done a lot, many agreed.

It’s almost ironic that McVicker should then be the same person to dash the community’s hopes for touched-up visuals and other gameplay improvements. According to McVicker, a meeting has taken place in Valve’s offices, with the developers ruling against a possible porting of CS:GO to the Source 2 Engine. The reason is not selfish or simple greed on the part of Valve either.

While porting the game would be easy enough, Valve have been struggling to port community content along with the simple gameplay mechanics. With community content playing a crucial role in the current version of the game and instilling a sense of belonging, mucking up the thousands of items and maps created by dedicated contributors would have been an insult.

During a livestream session, McVicker simply related Valve’s internal communication which reportedly said: “It’s not happening. There was a meeting, and they’ve made a decision, because it’s too much work. As of now, it’s not happening”

Is Community Content That Important to Cancel the Source 2 Update?

The short answer is yet. Without community content, many players would find the incentive to play the game less. Content creators and contributors have been some of the most prolific and most dedicated members of the community.

They have contributed many visual and technical improvements and have been on the lookout for technical inconsistencies. Culling their population or inviting them to leave could potentially do a huge disfavor to the CS:GO community.

The good news is Valve is reportedly not giving on the Source 2 engine idea entirely. Should a workable solution present itself, the company won’t hesitate to enact it, so long as it doesn’t deteriorate already established parts of the experience.

Valve has been taking decisive steps towards the betterment of the CS:GO community and gameplay. After the game became free last year, a number of seedy characters have begun joining en masse, abusing the VAC security system and generally spoiling the experience for lower-seeded players.

To respond to the growing dissatisfaction within the community, Valve has decided to act swiftly and introduce the “Trusted Launch” platform, allowing it to better home in on cheaters and hopefully suspend them.

Some other changes have been introduced to the game’s ranked mode to ensure that players don’t get matched up against hackers as often. While Source 2 may be a long way off, Valve continues to enact positive changes to the game.

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