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ACMA Reprimands a Concerning CS:GO Skins Gambling Site

O’Loughlin added that the CS:GO Roll site is especially concerning because it is designed to appeal to young people

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has issued a warning to Feral Holdings, an online gambling company that offered casino-style games. Instead of money, the operator took CS:GO skins as wagers.

Feral’s site, CS:GO Roll, offered Australian players a unique approach to gambling. Instead of wagering money, players would deposit expensive skins from the popular competitive game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Skins, as the name implies, allow players to change the look of virtual assets in a game. CS:GO skins, for example, add an extra layer of customization to the game, allowing fans to spice up their style with unique weapon colors and patterns. Skins can vary in quality and price, with some reaching thousands of dollars.

CS:GO Roll who deposit skins would receive a number of in-game tokens they could use to gamble on casino-style games, the ACMA reported. After winning, players would be paid out in CS:GO skins, which can be sold on third-party platforms for real money.

Despite its unique approach, however, Feral Holdings and its CS:GO Roll website offered what the regulator considers to constitute illegal gambling. Under the Interactive Gambling Act 2001, casino-style online games that are played for real money or valuable items are strictly prohibited.

As a result, the ACMA warned Feral Holdings and had it withdraw its site from the Australian market.

ACMA’s Chair Said CS:GO Roll Is “Concerning”

Nerida O’Loughlin, ACMA’s chair, commented on the matter, saying that all gambling sites operating in Australia are required to follow the Australian gambling laws. She noted that this applies even to sites that use a type of non-traditional currency.

She noted that this includes payment methods such as cryptocurrencies or even skins.

Providing casino-style games online is prohibited in Australia when playing for money or something of value, whether that’s Australian dollars, cryptocurrency or in this case, online gaming skins.

Nerida O’Loughlin, chair, ACMA

O’Loughlin added that the CS:GO Roll site is especially concerning since it is designed to appeal to young people. In the worst-case scenario, such offerings can be a gateway to gambling for the youth.

Skins gambling services are particularly concerning as they tap into a youth market and have the potential to convert gamers into gamblers.

Nerida O’Loughlin, chair, ACMA

Following its warning, the ACMA reminded Australian customers that it can check whether the gambling service they are using is legal in the country by checking the ACMA register of licensed companies. In addition, the ACMA website contains information about how players can protect themselves from illegal gambling.


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