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Crypto Casino Player Wins $1M Playing Exclusive Slot

The player described the experience as unforgettable and suggested that it might prompt him to introduce significant changes to his life

A lucky CryptoSlots player by the nickname QUEENSHERE has scored a $1 million jackpot in a single spin. The lucky gambler was enjoying the company’s exclusive Jackpot Trigger game when he hit the life-changing win.

According to CryptoSlots, the winner succeeded in matching both the color and number and landing three red triple 7’s, earning him the remarkable sum of $1 million.

For context, the Jackpot Trigger game, which only CryptoSlots players can experience, offers participants the chance to use tokens earned playing other games. For every $100 players win on other games, they are eligible to receive one Jackpot Trigger Token, effectively allowing them to further boost their winnings.

QUEENSHERE’s win is but the latest in a string of significant wins by CryptoSlots players. While no one had succeeded in winning $1 million playing Jackpot Trigger since another lucky player won a similar prize in 2022, earlier this year, the crypto gambling operator handed out a $100,000 win to a player known as WHAMZY09.

Overall, Jackpot Trigger has so far handed multiple $100,000 prizes to players and two $1 million prizes.

QUEENSHERE Plans to Start a New Chapter in His Life

QUEENSHERE was invited to comment on his win. The player described the experience as unforgettable and suggested that it might prompt him to introduce significant changes to his life. The winner, who preferred not to reveal his real name, said that he is considering quitting his job and buying a Lamborghini.

Additionally, QUEENSHERE said that he is eyeing opportunities abroad and is thinking of “starting a new chapter” in his life.

The possibilities are endless, and I am truly grateful for this incredible opportunity.

QUEENSHERE statement

Michael Hilary, CryptoSlots’ manager, commented on the matter, praising QUEENSHERE for his win. Hilary called the jackpot win a “momentous achievement,” noting that this is only the second occasion someone has hit the $1 million jackpot in a single spin.

The manager added that the Jackpot Trigger game is designed to provide players with a shot at life-changing prizes that allow them to be who they want to be.

This game is sure to captivate players who appreciate the finer things in life and aspire to live a life of extravagance. Explore the possibilities of luxury and wealth as you spin the reels and chase after life-changing wins just like our recent jackpot winner!

Michael Hilary, manager, CryptoSlots

In the meantime, the crypto iGaming operator continues to innovate and offer exciting prizes and opportunities to its players.


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