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Charges Filed against Third Suspect in Tunica Casino Triple Homicide

A third person who is suspected of being involved in the deadly shooting was hit with several charges

A deadly shooting near a casino in Tunica County, Mississippi, resulted in charges against three individuals. The triple homicide dates back to early November when police were dispatched to Casino Center Drive where a drive-by shooting and subsequent car crash had taken place. The shocking crime has claimed the lives of an unborn child, two young men and one woman.

With the investigation still ongoing, the Tunica County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) confirmed that a third suspect in the crime was hit with a range of charges. Law enforcement revealed that a 20-year-old male from Tunica, identified with the initials M.W., is currently in custody at the DeSoto County Jail. The man who was arrested on an unrelated matter is now facing a list of charges due to his suspected involvement in the deadly crime.

The 20-year-old man was charged with one count of shooting into a motor vehicle, as well as one count of drive-by shooting. The man was also charged with four counts of capital murder and four counts of conspiracy to commit a crime.

The Investigation of the Deadly Crime Continues

According to the Tunica County Sheriff’s Office, further charges and arrests may be announced considering that the investigation of the triple homicide continues. Law enforcement said that anyone who holds information about the incident can contact the TCSO via phone at 662-363-1411.

Anonymous tips can also be submitted through CrimeStoppers at 662-910-0400. If a person provides information that can lead to the arrest of a person who was involved in the homicide, they can benefit from up to $1,000.

There will be additional charges forthcoming, and more arrests made for the investigation related to the November 10, 2023, quadruple homicide. This investigation is active and ongoing,

reads a statement released by the Tunica County Sheriff’s Office

The TCSO thanked the ATF, the Mississippi Highway Patrol Crime Scene Unit, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and the Mississippi Highway Patrol Construction Team for their vital assistance in the investigation of the deadly crime.

Capital murder is recognized as one of the toughest criminal acts under the current laws in Mississippi. Per the state’s Code Section 97-3-19(1) & (2)(j), capital murder is subject to a penalty of life imprisonment or in some cases death penalty.


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