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Suspected Kidnapper Arrested at Tunica Casino

A North Carolina woman wanted on multiple counts, including kidnapping of a young female and her son, was detained at a casino following a tip

A woman with outstanding warrants was arrested Thursday at a Tunica County, Mississippi casino. The Tunica County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that it has detained a 45-year-old woman with the initials A.P., who was suspected of a kidnapping of a young woman and her child.

The arrest at a casino in Tunica, whose name was not disclosed, came after the Sherrif’s Office received a tip about the whereabouts of the 45-year-old woman via a phone call. After her arrest, the woman was transported to the Tunica County Jail where she remains until this moment.

Considering that the arrest was made in Mississippi, while the warrant was issued from Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office, South Carolina, law enforcement will now collaborate on the case. It is unclear whether or not the 45-year-old suspect will be transported to South Carolina.

The Detainee Was Wanted on Multiple Counts

The 45-year-old woman from Union County, North Carolina, was wanted on multiple counts and had several active warrants. Law enforcement issued warrants for her arrest due to burglary, two counts of kidnapping, one count of attempted murder, as well as the possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime. She was also wanted for impersonating a law enforcement officer, as well as intimidating court officials, witnesses or jurors.

The Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office announced last month that it is investigating a kidnapping of a young woman and her child. The 45-year-old woman who was recently detained at a Tunica casino is suspected of being among the people involved in the kidnapping.

The incident dates back to May 28 when a young female together with her 8-year-old son were kidnapped from their home in Chesterfield County’s Jefferson area. In less than a day, the two victims were discovered by law enforcement.

The young woman sustained injuries that were not life-threatening and was subsequently treated. The young boy who was also kidnapped did not have any injuries, according to the Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office.

Upon announcing details about the incident, law enforcement said that two people had been charged in relation to the kidnapping. They added that more people, suspected of being involved in the crime, may be arrested.

Late last year, a triple homicide near a Tunica casino resulted in capital murder charges against an 18-year-old suspected of the crime. The deadly crime was investigated by the Tunica County Sheriff’s Office and ultimately resulted in several charges filed against the suspected shooter.


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