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Crown Resorts Takes Cashless Payments for Test-Run at Perth

Responding to “societal changes” and hurrying up to adapt to the COVID-19 world, Crown Resorts announced that it would use cashless payment options at Crown Perth. The intiative is currently in test mode and will start on Monday, July 27.

Crown Perth to Launch Cashless Payment Test

Starting on Monday, casino guests at Crown Perth will be able to use a cashless payment system known as electronic funds transfer at point of sale (EFTPOS). The solution was approved by the Gaming & Wagering Commission that regulates any changes in payment methods.

The news was confirmed by Gareth Parker on News Talk 6PR, and the company will introduce the solution in a bid to respond to concerns about COVID-19. According to Parker, there has been a tangible shift in consumer behavior towards cashless payments, and, as such, Crown Resorts wants to comply.

Parker confirmed that the company had been granted approval by the respective authorities to implement EFTPOS debit facilities for chips on table games. The trial will be temporary and won’t affect all tables at the casino.

Crown has confirmed that credit cards cannot be used to carry out such cashless payments and that specific limitations will apply to how much a person can deposit using the EFTPOS system. The current limit is set at AU$500, but this may be subject to change.

Crown Resorts haven’t got a carte blanche to operate per se. Rather, the Gaming & Wagering Commission will expect a report that summarizes the results of the test, and specifically the first three months. Here is what the official statement released by the regulator said:

“As part of the Commission’s approval to enable Crown to use cashless payments to purchase gaming chips at designated locations, the Commission requires Crown to provide a report on the use of the facility at the completion of the first three months of operation.”

Are Cashless Payments an Issue for Problem Gambling?

Meanwhile, Dr Charles Livingstone has argued that the idea of allowing players to bet with cashless options is dangerous as it may invite problematic gambling behavior.

While Dr. Livingstone is correct that a more accessible payment system could lead to higher incidence of addiction, Crown Resorts and any company introducing cashless payments will have a very easy way of tracking individual spending.

Hopefully, this way, the casino could know when a guest has been spending too much without seemingly being able to afford it. Meanwhile, the American Gaming Association (AGA) pushed for changes in regulation in Nevada that prohibits cashless payment options or at least make it difficult to implement.

The Nevada Gaming Commission has responded by introducing eight regulatory amendments easing the introduction of cashless payments as a result. Just hours ago, Ellis Island Casino announced that it had teamed up with Konami Gaming to launch a “field test” initiative for cashless payments using a special line of credit and a solution called “Marker Tax.”

Global events have prompted brands to seek alternatives to traditional gaming. Boosting security with cashless payment systems is just step one.


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