July 24, 2020 3 min read

Konami Debuts Game-Changing Cashless Payment System in the US

Responding to the demand for compliant and safe payment options, Konami has debuted its cashless payment system at the Ellis Island Casino, Hotel and Brewery in Las Vegas.

Konami Debuts Cashless Payments at Ellis Island Casino, Las Vegas

Japanese gambling giant Konami Gaming has debuted its first cashless casino slot markers at Ellis Island Casino, Hotel and Brewery, Las Vegas. Owned by Konami Holdings Corp, the company is looking to come up with new ways to bolster safety protocols at land-based casinos in one of the world’s largest gaming markets.

According to Konami, the launch of cashless casino slot makers is “the first field trial” of cashless technology on a mass scale. Other than health benefits, Konami believes its solution will help meet other compliance targets, such as bolstering Anti-Money Laundering.

Thanks to the addition of these solution, Ellis Island Casino will enable consumers to sign up with cashless accounts. To manage consumers, the casino will use Konami’s proprietor software known as the Synkros system.

Each consumer will have a Marker Trax slot credit line and use it on any of the available cashless solutions powered by Konami. Withdrawals would no longer be subject to physical cash outs, with the money directed to an electronic wallet instead.

Ellis Island Casino’s owner, Gary Ellis, was pleased with the launch and believed that it was a step towards the future of gaming. Beneficial to both consumers and business, Ellis had this to add:

“It’s incredibly simple for guests, and truly streamlined with Synkros for staff and supervisors.”

Will the Industry Follow Suit?

The push for cashless payments has been pronounced across the United States. With the COVID-19 outbreak crippling most casinos around the country, alternative solutions had to be used.

The Nevada Gaming Commission has stated that it would look to install more cashless payment options in the near future. According to businesses based in the Silver State, cashless payments will have a positive change on the state’s betting and gaming industry, much in the same way the ticket-in, ticket-out (TITO) technology has had.

One reason for the slow adoption of cashless payment has been none other than red tape. The American Gaming Association (AGA) called for more cashless options and a more streamlined regulation that allows those solutions to be implemented.

Las Vegas casinos reopened on June 5 but the increase in COVID-19 cases has prompted the Nevada Gaming Commission to seek some changes in existing regulations. One of those is to expedite the process of allocating cashless systems licenses.

Previously in May, Scientific Games also unveiled a new solution allowing consumers to use cashless payments. Consumers can use a mobile app to carry out various actions, including gaming and cash withdrawal requests.

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