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Former NFL Players to Receive Problem Gambling Education Lessons under a New Program by the NFLPA

NFLPA, EPIC Risk Managed and GVC Holdings US teamed up in order to create a program, raising awareness for gambling-related harm. The program will be aiming to aid former NFL players.

NFLPA Teamed up with Epic Risk Management and GVC Foundation US

The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) has announced that it teamed up with EPIC Risk Management and GVC Foundation US. NFLPA’s main goal is to reduce gambling-related harm among former NFL players by raising awareness of problem gambling. Under the two year agreement, EPIC Risk Management, which is a leading independent gambling harm minimization consultancy, and GVC Foundation US will create the content necessary for the program, while NFLPA will be responsible to market and administer the content among former NFL players.

Former athletes will be presenting the sessions frequently to former NFL players. The educational sessions will be both live and virtual and will be created in a manner which helps the mental needs of former NFL players. NFLPA Professional Athletes Foundation, Executive Director, Andre Collins commented on the subject by saying: “This is the first program that the NFLPA/PAF has ever run on problem gambling education and awareness.” Collins pointed out that this is the first major sports league in the US to undertake such project.  In conclusion, he urged: “all sports leagues to address problem gambling with the seriousness it deserves.

Problem Gambling among Professional Players Can Be Tackled with the Help of Such Program

GVC Foundation US, Martin Lycka said about the gambling awareness program: “The gambling industry has a moral responsibility to look after consumers and ensure their well-being.” He continued by pointing out that former players with gambling disorders and addictive tendencies must receive proper support. Lycka outlined that the program which will be launched is the perfect method to achieve that.

EPIC Risk Management, CEO, Paul Buck also commented by saying that the vulnerable population needs proactive education. According to Buck, raising awareness for problem gambling is a key to reduce gambling-related harms. Buck continued by pointing out that the former NFL players will be aided by motivational talks by former professional athletes who have experienced the consequences of problem gambling.

Amani Toomer, ex-wide receiver for the New York Giants will be one of the many faces, participating in the educational lessons. “Professional athletes are highly susceptible to problematic gambling behavior,” said Toomer. He added that acting with integrity along with responsible gambling education is: “a crucial step forward for all sports.

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