September 11, 2023 3 min read


Crown Resorts Introduces Innovative Premium Player Program

The move reflects the company's commitment to a more transparent and compliant operation

In a bold move aimed at revitalizing its image and attracting both local and international players, Crown Resorts has unveiled a new Premium Player Program at the Crown Melbourne and Crown Sydney casinos. The initiative, which notably excludes Crown Perth, marks a significant step in the company’s efforts to regain its footing in the wake of the Finkelstein Royal Commission and the Bergin Inquiry.

Strict Eligibility and Regulatory Collaboration Define Crown Resorts’ New Strategy

Unlike its previous practices, Crown Resorts is now taking a hands-on approach, overseeing the Premium Player Program directly, bypassing the involvement of junkets or agents, reported Inside Asian Gaming

The eligibility criteria for participation in the program appear to be stringent, with only players from select countries gaining entry. Victoria and New South Wales regulators have been actively collaborating with Crown Resorts in shaping this program, ensuring it complies with post-inquiry regulations.

This strategic move follows Crown Resorts’ decision to discontinue its international VIP rolling chip programs due to the scrutiny brought about by the Finkelstein Royal Commission and the Bergin Inquiry. These investigations shed light on alleged connections between Crown’s former junket partners and Asian criminal organizations, as well as the arrest of Crown Resorts staff in 2016 for illegal gambling promotions in mainland China.

Crown Resorts’ CEO Charts a Course for Responsible Gaming and Growth

The casino operator has undergone a complete transformation since then. A revamped Board of Directors, a fresh senior management team, and a new ownership structure led by The Blackstone Group have all contributed to Crown Resorts’ renewed focus on ethical practices and responsible gaming.

Ciarán Carruthers, who took the helm as CEO a year ago, has been at the forefront of this transformation. From the outset, Carruthers emphasized the company’s commitment to exclusively dealing with “approved” or “qualified” individuals. He made it clear that Crown Resorts was steering away from junkets. Carruthers also revealed plans to welcome back international guests while maintaining strict Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) controls.

It appears that the future Carruthers spoke of is now here. The launch of the Premium Player Program signifies Crown Resorts’ readiness to embrace a new era, one characterized by accountability and a commitment to offering a world-class gaming experience. As the program unfolds, all eyes will be on how it shapes the casino operator’s future and whether it can regain its status as a leading player in the industry.


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