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Court Case against Ippei Mizuhara Takes Unexpected Turn

New revelations in the ongoing case may herald the end of the scandal surrounding Ippei Mizuhara as the defendant admitted to his wrongdoings

Ippei Mizuhara, the former interpreter for Los Angeles Dodgers star Shohei Ohtani, could face more than 30 years in federal prison following revelations during court proceedings related to his plea agreement on Wednesday. However, new information brings a twist to the proceedings, revealing details surrounding a reported illegal gambling operation.

Mizuhara Got Mixed Up with an Illegal Bookmaker

The criminal complaint against Mizuhara detailed how Mathew Bowyer, an illegal bookmaker under investigation, instructed the interpreter to wire money into the account of Bowyer’s accomplice, “Associate 1.” A recent ESPN report revealed that this associate has been identified as Ryan Boyajian, a close friend and business partner with Bowyer for nearly two decades.

Boyajian, a current cast member of Bravo’s reality TV series “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” has denied being involved in bookmaking activities and is reportedly cooperating with federal authorities. His criminal attorney, Steven Katzman, stated that Boyajian cannot confirm or deny the allegations due to the ongoing investigation.

Sources revealed that Boyajian frequently gambled with Bowyer at various casinos in Las Vegas, receiving high-end perks in return. Mizuhara allegedly paid his gambling losses to Boyajian, who then forwarded the money to casino marker accounts. Boyajian and Bowyer would then withdraw the chips from these accounts, gamble with them, and cash out any winnings.

The Case Could Help Authorities Fight Unlicensed Gambling

While Bowyer is not currently involved in any legal proceedings, he is reportedly under investigation. Resorts World Las Vegas, where Bowyer and Boyajian frequented, has been implicated in a probe into illegal sports bookmaking organizations operating in Southern California and money laundering through Las Vegas casinos, with several incidents receiving substantial media attention.

The case regarding Mizuhara stealing $16 million from Shohei Ohtani to fuel his gambling addiction is nearing its conclusion as the defendant will enter his guilty plea at an arraignment next week. However, his actions may have unintended positive consequences, helping unearth a potential illegal gambling ring and drawing attention to the hidden dangers of unregulated gambling.

As the investigation unfolds, Boyajian’s cooperation with authorities could shed further light on the extent of illegal gambling activities, aiding the ongoing investigation into Bowyer’s alleged unlicensed operations. Boyajian reportedly received immunity for his contributions to the case, and his testimony may form the foundation for a new court case targeting black-market gambling rings.

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