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Controversial Gambler Brandon Sattler Faces Federal Fraud Charges

The former Vegas high-roller allegedly defrauded investors of $10 million via falsified documents

Tables have turned against the embattled businessman and gambler who now has to defend his case in Nevada’s US District Court. Sattler previously levied allegations against Resorts World Las Vegas president Scott Sibella, but a year-long official investigation found nothing amiss. The gambling guru now also faces legal issues, which may cost him the fame and recognition he has worked so hard to build up.

Last year, the embattled gambler levied allegations against Scott Sibella, president of the high-profile Resorts World Las Vegas. Sattler accused his alleged former friend of past drug issues and insinuated that the casino had allowed a convicted felon to open a restaurant on its grounds. Sibella claimed that the other man was merely an acquaintance and dismissed all claims as false.

The following nearly-year-old Gaming Control Board investigation concluded that the allegations were unfounded. The regulator’s verdict makes Sattler’s prior claims seem more like an attempt to get back at the casino than a desire to fulfill his civic duty. While he certainly caused no small amount of trouble, the former high-roller only managed to damage his fraying reputation.

Investor Funds Fueled His Gaming Habit

Sattler now finds himself on the other end of the judicial system as he faces federal wire fraud charges. The high-profile gambler allegedly used his industry knowledge and casino security firm, SattCom Video, to mislead three investors and secure over $10 million in loans with false promises and forged paperwork.

Brandon David Sattler (devised) a scheme to defraud and for obtaining money by means of materially false and fraudulent pretenses, representations and promises.

District Court of Nevada indictment against Brandon Sattler

The court accused Sattler of providing false information regarding his balance, net worth, and his company’s health. The embattled gambler claimed to hold a lucrative contract to install over 3,500 television units across several resorts, providing forged letters as evidence. He also told investors he had a substantial cash balance and would soon receive another $8 million.

In truth, Sattler’s company had no substantial renovation projects at the time and was struggling financially. The business owner allegedly used significant investor money to maintain his frequent casino sprees and extravagant VIP gambler lifestyle. The three investors have also launched a civil case against Sattler on roughly the same grounds.

Regardless of the federal court’s final judgment regarding the case, Sattler’s ongoing legal issues and unsuccessful allegations against Resorts World have significantly damaged his reputation. High-profile casinos will likely think twice before associating with him, hurting his already struggling business. The ongoing controversy will also impact Sattler’s lifestyle, meaning his days as a famous casino VIP may be over.

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