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Casino Guru to Research Self-exclusion on a Global Scale

Dr Margaret Carran noted that no such work on self-exclusion has ever been done on an international level

Online gaming database Casino Guru has teamed up with City, University of London, a British public research university, to research and recommend self-exclusion practices. The partnership will see the two parties identify the best approach to self-exclusion.

This project continues Casino Guru’s Global Self-Exclusion Initiative from 2020, which saw the database specialist work on a global scheme that would provide problem players with an additional layer of protection.

The current project is led by associate professor Dr Margaret Carran from City, University of London. She, according to Casino Guru’s release, boasts vast experience in the research of the gambling sector and the analysis of player protection in European countries.

The Project Will Have Three Phases

For the next 18 months, Casino Guru and the university will work on identifying the best self-exclusion practices. The project will be segmented into three phases. The first of them, Casino Guru said, is research and fact-finding.

In the second phase, the researchers will hold workshop meetings where groups of experts will seek a consensus based on recent research and fact-finding exercises.

The final phase will include broader consultations where the practices will be further discussed with industry shareholders, operators, regulators, non-profit organizations and trade associations. Criticism will be “evaluated and incorporated,” resulting in a list of guidelines.

Casino Guru’s aim is to deliver a free recommended set of rules for online self-exclusion that iGaming brands all over the world can adopt to protect their customers.

No Self-exclusion Research on This Level Has Ever Been Done

Šimon Vincze, Casino Guru’s sustainable and safer gambling lead, who proposed the Global Self-Exclusion Initiative, commented on the new project. He noted that his team discovered a lack of consensus on what the general standards should be.

Each jurisdiction creates their own set of rules for self-exclusion, and very few of them actually follow the same level of standards, not to mention the details of implementation. This creates a considerable gap in terms of the general effectiveness of self-exclusion within the industry, and the goal of this project is to close this gap,

Šimon Vincze, sustainable and safer gambling lead, Casino Guru

Dr Margaret Carran also commented on the matter. She highlighted the importance of research for decision-making and the creation of standards and added that she is excited to work on this project. Carran pointed out that no such work on self-exclusion has ever been done on an international level.

I have high hopes for the real impact of the project and wish for it to significantly improve player protection across jurisdictions.

Dr Margaret Carran, associate professor, City, University of London

Casino Guru said that the first phase of this project is already on the way. Speaking of safer gambling, the iGaming database recently received a prestigious safer gambling award.


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