Continent 8’s Status Upgraded to Advanced Consulting Partner for Amazon

Last February, Continent 8 Technologies achieved the Select Consulting Partner status with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in its AWS Partner Network (APN). The APN is a worldwide plethora of partners leveraging AWS in order to create the best customer services. Reaching the Select Consulting Partner status allowed the global provider to significantly upgrade its capacity to assist suppliers and operators in the virtual gaming world with state-of-the-art security, cloud, and connectivity solutions. Approximately one year later, Continent 8 managed to upgrade its status to AWS Advanced Consulting Partner.

Advanced Training & Certification Have Propelled Continent 8

Continent 8’s recognition comes naturally after the provider successfully finished a number of certification, training, and business planning courses, all of which were a sine qua non requirement for reaching the new AWS Select Consulting Partner status. At the same time, the internationally managed hosting, connectivity, and security provider with more than 80 different locations spread all around Asia, Europe, and the American continents have also done an excellent job at offering enhanced customer support via AWS’ advanced tools.

Continent 8 Technologies’ new prestigious status is also allowing the provider to further prove its leadership abilities in the global iGaming market for connectivity and cloud services. Reserved only for top-tier Amazon partners that are on top of their industries or markets, the Advanced Consulting Partner status was given to Continent 8 thanks to their positive feedback from customers, new and highly experienced AWS technicians added to the team, and fresh AWS deployments projects on the North American market, with special emphasis on the leading sportsbook in the US, FanDuel. Together, all of these actions helped Continent 8 tick all the right boxes and quickly reach its new status.

Commenting on the provider’s achievement, FanDuel’s vice president of IT, Shane Sweeney called the company a strategic partner for FanDuel, while also praising the synergy between Amazon and Continent 8 that generated an extremely good product that was heavily focused on fans.

Continent 8 Will Keep Expanding Its AWS Solutions

Starting 2021, the provider continued to assist customers with the accelerated adoption of cloud technologies, while working together with more than 20 outpost location deployments. Now, with the new stats under their belt, Continent 8 Technologies plans on further expanding its AWS solutions by creating even more competencies using its current teams of experts. Their main goal is to keep delivering the best practices for the adoption, transfer, and safety of customers using the AWS Cloud Accelerator solutions that they now have access to.

Continent 8’s chief product officer Justin Cosnett called the new AWS Advanced Consulting Partner status their “next strategic step” in their endeavor to expand their cloud solutions on a massive scale. Ultimately, Continent 8 is on a mission to become the exclusive multi-cloud provider in the iGaming industry across the planet.

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