January 27, 2022 3 min read

The Number of Swedish Gamblers Increases in 2021, Says Study

Spelinspektionen, Sweden’s gambling regulator, unveiled details regarding an annual survey outlining the gambling habits of the Swedes. Surprisingly, the survey found the percentage of Swedes that have gambled in 2021 increased by 7%.

More Swedes Turn To Gambling in 2021

The study was conducted at the end of November 2021, but the results were released Thursday. It is important to mention that Spelinspektionen conducted the survey in collaboration with SKOP, a company that deals with attitude, market and user polls. SKOP works on behalf of municipalities, government agencies and media organizations without using subcontractors.

According to the whitepaper, 73% of all Swedes have participated in gambling activity in the last 12 months. Comparing this to the result from the survey conducted in 2020, an increase of 7% is observed. On the other hand, some 29% of the Swedes that played during 2021 have played every week. This result coincides with the measurement during 2020.

The Popularity of Self-Exclusion Register Increases Slightly

The new study outlined that some 86% of all players play at home. This marks another increase of 7% when compared to the results from the survey from 2020. Undoubtedly, the most popular form of play is lotteries and number games, according to the study. Some 75% of the players admitted that they participated in that form of gambling.

While more people gambled in 2021, the study found that Spelpaus.se, the self-exclusion register, is becoming more popular. Back in 2020, some 57% of the players were aware that they could self-exclude. But in 2021, that percentage increased to 59%, which although a minor, is still an increase.

Spelinspektionen Remains Vigilant

The new report comes at a time when Sweden is considering the return of online gambling limits. The regulator in the country did not disagree with that proposal, considering the significant increase of online gambling activities during the pandemic. If accepted, the new restrictions plan to introduce a weekly limit for deposits of SEK4,000 ($444) and restrict bonus offers, as well as time limits.

On the other hand, Spelinspektionen remains vigilant when it comes to following the gambling laws in the country. Only recently, the regulator warned the Swedish Bingo Association (SBA) over alleged breaches of responsible gambling rules. Allegedly, the website idrottensbingo.se did not display logos of the Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA) related to self-exclusion, bet limits and self-testing unless a user is signed in. Once a user would sign in, the logos would appear on the home page. Considering that the operator has taken relevant action, the regulator deemed a remark as “sufficient intervention.”


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