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Coingeek: Karolina Pelc on Innovating Gaming with Blockchain

Karolina Pelc, founder and CEO of SharedPlay spoke to CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero Fontana on the “Hashing It Out” latest episode about blockchain and its potential to redefine the gaming industry. With her company, she dreams of becoming a visionary that will set an example of what blockchain can do. 

Blockchain in Gaming per Karolina Pelc

Pelc noted that people didn’t always put that much trust in the blockchain. She said that back when she first heard about blockchain, most didn’t quite understand the concept nor were interested. 

“But I have to say, it’s in the last year and a half, and especially this year, where it all exploded, and you can’t really be interested in this anymore,” the CEO stated.

The more people understand blockchain, the more they see its perspectives. Pelc was inspired by blockchain’s impact in the digital space and thought that the gaming industry could benefit a lot from it as well.

With this in mind, she wants to use SharedPlay to usher in a new age of gamified blockchain. One of her plans is to introduce a community aspect that allows players to interact with one another in real money games. Additionally, Pelc is studying blockchain for ways in which they can facilitate player referrals and friend invitations. 

“We must find a way to tokenize certain things and take advantage of all these benefits of transparency and transferability of things,” Pelc explained.

Pelc is also fascinated by NFTs as they remind her of the times people used to collect football cards and other collectible bits and bobs. She, therefore, wants to explore such options in her own project. Pelc is sure she is on the right track but believes she needs to study the topic more and plan things further ahead. 

Luckily for Pelc, the path ahead has been paved by other blockchain experts. She can easily find information and learn from others. CryptoFights is a great example as it perfectly uses the advantages mentioned by Pelc to combine crypto with gaming. Haste, on the other hand, has already implemented a leaderboard, which is one of Pelc’s ideas for SharedPlay.

However, despite planning a leaderboard, Pelc is envisioning a more collaborative approach for SharedPlay. 

There Is Still Work to be Done

Despite Pelc’s best intentions of using blockchain to revolutionize gaming by storing player data in a blockchain, the technology is still often regarded with suspicion by gambling industry regulators. She noted with sadness that most people have a prejudice against blockchains because of the numerous myths and misconceptions. However, Pelc believes that with the right education, people will come to see the tremendous potential. 

Pelc finally added that she is by no means a guru on the matter and welcomes a productive discourse. Having worked as a casino dealer and ahead of the casino for years, Pelc has a vast knowledge of monetized gaming and will welcome communicating with someone who is just as knowledgeable on the subject of blockchain.

 “I would also want to understand if there’s anything they could contribute and help me brainstorm what is it that we could do with this specifically for my project, which is already a quite innovative space for this to be different. I’d be open to talking, and I encourage anyone to reach out,” she concluded.

Other than having over a decade of experience in gambling, Pelc is one of the most renowned women in iGaming, according to iGB. She has been featured in the She’s Got Game series and nominated as Entrepreneur of Excellence at the UK National Diversity Awards. 


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