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Clarion Gaming to Host Standalone Esports Events in 2022

Clarion Gaming is preparing for one of the biggest industry meet-ups in April with ICE London set to arrive on schedule. Yet, Clarion is looking to create more opportunities for stakeholders to find out about esports and how it can potentially impact their bottom line. Yet, Clarion is looking to create more opportunities for stakeholders to find out about esports and how it can potentially impact their bottom line.

That is why the company will work on a series of standalone esports events that will have their dedicated prize pool and reunite top talent to demonstrate the excitement and pull of competitive video gaming. However, stakeholders may need to wait until fall to get a better look while details will be forthcoming during the meet-up in April.

Clarion to Outline Plans for Standalone Esports Events

To this end, Clarion is hosting a Dota 2 event featuring a £100,000 ($131,000) prize pool played in a double-elimination format. The company will collaborate with Black Molly Entertainment which will be in charge of production and Clarion will seek to highlight the benefits of developing a betting community around the game.

There is a lot that the game has to offer. Dota 2 is already one of the most wagered esports games, second to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. According to Clarion Gaming head of esport Will Harding, the game has immense potential:

“With Dota 2’s 7 million-plus monthly active player base and the growth of esports betting continuing at a breakneck pace, these tournaments will enable sponsors to engage with a passionate and difficult to reach fan base.”

Clarion naturally wants to ensure that it can get its stakeholders involved, streaming the event in four different languages, and inviting interested businesses to sponsor each respective stream they think would guarantee the best reach.

Esports Events and Panels Already Planned at ICE London 2022

More details about the esports event will be revealed during the ExCel London meet-up held from April 12 through April 14. Clarion has confirmed that it would host a Rocket League tournament with a fixed $33,000 prize pool which will offer stakeholders an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the way competitive gaming works and why it adds value to sportsbooks in the first place.

Clarion is also hosting discussions and calling on prominent figures from the esports community to speak during the ICE London pow-wow. To make the standalone tournaments happen in the meantime, Harding confirmed that the company has teamed up with IMG.

The partnership with IMG would allow the company to extend the Dota 2 Global All-Stars event and create further opportunities for media distribution, esports consultancy, licensing deals, and more, Harding said. IMG already has experience managing these services for other established esports tourneys.


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