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ChocoTaco Calls Trainwreck Bad for Promoting Gambling, Asmongold Disagrees

A day after pitching a possible solution for Twitch’s mounting problem with gambling sponsorships, popular gaming streamer Asmongold is back at it again. This time, he’s siding with Trainwreck whom community members have called a “bad guy” for spending the past decade gambling on stream and making a living this way.

ChocoTaco Takes Issue with Trainwreck

While he has criticized both platform and streamers for opting into gambling sponsorships, he never truly castigated the latter for exploiting the model. Asmongold told fans earlier this month that he could never be bought into making gambling streams himself, but acknowledged that fellow streamers were not entirely to blame.

In his recent sharing of thoughts on the matter, Asmongold argued that ChocoTaco, another content creator, was wrong to call Trainwreck a “villain” who was trying to paint himself a nice guy by doing “good deeds.” He was referring to the donations Trainwreck has been piling on to various organizations and his fans, even though the bulk of his earnings seems to be coming from gambling.

ChocoTaco got triggered, it seems, by the news that Trainwreck donated a $16,000 CS:GO sticker gift for GeT-RiGhT’s birthday, who is another streamer on the platform. ChocoTaco went Star Trek on Trainwreck quoting captain Jean-Luc Picard who said, “Those who clothe themselves in good deeds are well camouflaged [villains].”

Trainwreck though would have none of it and responded to being described as a villain. He asked ChocoTaco how he could know his motivation behind the donations if he did not know him at all. Trainwreck said that ChocoTaco’s conclusions were drawn based on what the streamer had done publicly and not on some deeper analysis of his personality.

A Tit-for-Tat Exchange

ChocoTaco quipped that Trainwreck was perfectly aware of how bad promoting gambling was. He even said that Trainwreck himself was telling viewers not to do it – an acknowledgment of how bad his actions were, he argued.

ChocoTaco then said that he was being harassed by fans, to which Asmongold said – “the only thing obvious here is that you thought you could talk [smack] to someone then pretend to be a victim.” He also told ChocoTaco that his original post also unleashed a wave of harassment against Trainwreck as well – something that ChocoTaco didn’t mention or consider. As many arguments started on the internet, this one has quieted down for now, but gambling sponsorships are circulating in the news.


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