December 2, 2022 3 min read


Chalkline Partners with Optimove to Enhance Marketing Capabilities

iGaming industry customer acquisition and retention system provider Chalkline has signed a new partnership with marketing platform Optimove in order to provide improved retention metrics regarding free games.

Partnering with Optimove will Enhance Chalkline’s Products in Terms of Scaling Personalized Marketing 

Chalkline, based in Nashville, Tennessee, has announced a new partnership with Marketing CRM system provider Optimove. Optimove offers a unique CRM Marketing suite targeted at the iGaming industry, which offers its B2B clients a customer-led approach to marketing.

Chalkline will transfer data to the Optimove platform. This will help build a one-of-a-kind suite, which will allow sportsbooks, casinos, and other stakeholders in the iGaming sector to communicate with their clients in the utmost personalized way, enhance attribution and have access to a massive amount of player insights.

The new partnership combines the strengths of both products, offering its B2B customers the tools to promote their products across various channels, manage those channels, target their marketing initiatives in a highly accurate way, and scale on personalized messaging across all those channels. 

This will result in improved customer retention and engagement of players in real-time and across a multitude of channels.

The new enhanced Chalkline platform will help iGaming companies track their customers’ preferences such as teams and sports and offer free play games according to that data, which, with the help of the Optimove capabilities added to the Chalkline platform, can eventually be used for the companies’ customer-led marketing initiatives.

Chalkline CEO and Optimove Director of Partnerships Are Thrilled about the New Collaboration

CEO & Co-founder of Chalkline Daniel Kustelski expressed his excitement about the new partnership, noting that the collaboration will make the massive range of information that Chalkline provides more easily accessible and usable to their B2B customers.  Kustelski also added: “US sports fans, especially casual bettors, are embracing sports prediction games in rapidly growing numbers, and operators will improve acquisition and retention rates with this seamless integration.

Optimove’s Director of Partnerships Dan De Souza also said how thrilled he is about the agreement with Chalkline: “As we continue to expand in North America, we are proud to partner with Chalkline and offer our tried and tested multichannel CRM Marketing suite to their operator portfolio.” 

De Souza further highlighted how important it is to put the customers at the center of all marketing initiatives, especially in times of global economic challenges. Customer-led marketing helps companies build long-lasting relationships with their clients, who remain loyal and keep choosing the same brand over its competitors.


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