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CEASE Demands a Full Smoking Ban for Casinos by April

Casino Employees Against Smoking Effects (CEASE) are urging New Jersey politicians to ban smoking in casinos by April 15

Ahead of New Jersey governor Phil Murphy’s address to the state, CEASE released a video with their demands on eradicating the only loophole in New Jersey’s Smoke-Free Air Act.

Casinos Are the Only Work Places in New Jersey Where Smoking Is Still Allowed

On January 10, CEASE released a video with several casino workers speaking on behalf of all casino employees voicing a demand for a complete ban on smoking in casinos by April 15.

The deadline has been carefully chosen as it marks 17 years since New Jersey’s Smoke-Free Air Act came into effect. Back in 2006, smoking was prohibited in all indoor public spaces. In 2018, smoking was also banned at parks and beaches.

The only exception in the Smoke-Free Air Act are casinos where smoking is still allowed. This makes casino employees the only remaining group of workers in New Jersey that still has to suffer under the negative effects of second-hand smoke.

In the CEASE video, Pete Naccarelli, a dealer at Borgata, points out this fact:

This makes us essentially the only group of workers in the state forced to choose between our health and a paycheck.

Pete Naccarelli

Casino workers in the video further highlight a report which was compiled by casino consulting company C3 Gaming. The report states that a smoking ban is not projected to affect casino revenues in a noticeable way. The video also stresses that the casino industry in New Jersey will keep stalling and find reasons why the ban should not be introduced.

The CEASE video further discusses that there is wide support among senators and the Assembly with over 70 sponsors that have expressed their approval. CEASE representatives claim that the only thing stopping the passage of the legislation is strong leadership.

Famous Influencer Also Says No to Smoking in Casinos

Popular casino gaming influencer Brian Christopher is also supporting a full smoking ban and CEASE’s efforts. He is also an ambassador for the American Nonsmokers’ Rights (ANR) Foundation.

Recently he announced that he will no longer partner with casino floors or other gaming spaces that allow smoking. Christopher supported his decision by highlighting that only 13% of the US population smokes so he does not see a point in keeping smoking at casinos only for the sake of such a small percentage of US residents.

Christopher further said that it is time for the casino industry to join other venues such as restaurants and bars, which have been smoke-free for a very long time.


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  • Cynthia
    January 13, 2023 at 6:36 pm

    I am a casino dealer and have been for over 32 yrs. If the casino I currently work for went non smoking, I would look for a casino job elsewhere. I work for tips and the smokers are where I make money at. We do have a non smoking area of the casino that seems to be very unpopular during the week and only having play on the weekends. But when there is play in this area, it is VERY unpopular with the dealers. Non smokers either do not tip or tip pretty badly. I am a smoker myself and can say with ease, I will not gamble in a non smoking casino. U guys are only trying to hurt our economy and the people who work in casinos. We do not appreciate you. We appreciate putting food on our tables and being able to have homes. So I will ask u to please enjoy ur non smoking areas of the casinos and let be.

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