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FIFA eSports Tournament Begins

FIFA eSports Tournament Begins

People such as Erfan Hosseini are making a name in eSports to gain more notice for the industry. FIFA is one of the oldest...
Australia’s Shifting Toward eSports

Australia’s Shifting Toward eSports

eSports is a growing industry. New games are rising in popularity, such as Fortnite and new arenas are being built around the world ...

Fortnite Is the Next Big Game in eSports

League of Legends is by far the biggest game in eSports. Players are getting ready to enjoy the international tournament in Europe, which is...

eSports Streaming Broadcast Gains over 600,000 Viewers

eSports fans like updates for weekend tournaments, and it seems like enjoy watching the streaming shows—one in particular. Ninja is a favorite Fortnite streamer....

The Weekend Update for eSports

The last weekend update to involve a Halo game was back in February. This weekend the 2018 Halo World Championships are being held. Teams...
Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2 eSports Racing Series

Project Cars 2 release date last year built plenty of anticipation. Now a new announcement is adding to the excitement surrounding the released game....

eSports Membership Up at OU

ESPN missed an eSports opportunity, but OU is not. ESPN has offered a streaming service for all sports fans, but it does not include...
Lithuania’s Basketball Club

Lithuania’s Basketball Club Tries for eSports Titles

Lithuania’s eSports basketball club, BC Zalgiris announced it would become part of the eSports industry by creating teams. The teams will play in the...

Pro Sports Teams Uphill Battle with eSports

Pro sports teams are trying to get into the eSports industry, but they are facing some challenges with gamers. The Vancouver Whitecaps, a major...

Riot Forms Partnership with EU LCS

Riot spoke with media to confirm the EU LCS franchise transition occurring in 2018. The transition is going to produce a new line-up for...



Apple Extends Deadline for Ban of Non-Native Betting Apps

Apple extends the deadline for HTML5 app ban. Developers have until next March to comply. More...

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GAN Extends Gaming Partnership with JACK Entertainment

Award-winning developer and supplier of B2B software for the gaming industry GAN has recently announced a new agreement...
Tower bridge in London in the dusk.

UKGC: The UK Spent £14.5bn on Gambling in 12 Months

The UK Spends ca £14.5bn on gambling yearlyMore spending is registered across all digital channelsThere are up to 650 gambling-related suicides a...
PointsBet focuses on horse racing with US expansion and bonuses.

PointsBet Adds BetMakers in Australia for Horse Racing

BetMakers teams up with PointsBetThe company is looking to boost its Australian marketPossible further expansion into the United States possible
A photo from the country side in Germany.

Schleswig-Holstein Calls for Better Gambling Regulation

Lawmakers from Schleswig-Holsten raise regulatory gambling pointsNew rules on gambling to be adopted in June 2021European Commission unsatisfied with the proposed Treaty

PokerStars Says Goodbye to the PCA

PokerStars discontinues PCA More focus to be given to other tournament events