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Caesars Sportsbook Adds Athlete and Content Creator Rachel DeMita as Ambassador

Caesars Sportsbooks has announced a new partnership with former NBA 2KTV host Rachel DeMita on Tuesday. DeMita is a known figure in basketball circles, having made a name for herself as a Division I All-American player, a TV, and social media personality.

Moving into her new position, DeMita is poised to help Caesars Entertainment achieve better brand positioning, specifically for the company’s namesake Caesars Sportsbook which is vying in the highly competitive betting market in the United States.

DeMita will step in the role of content creator once again, coming up with original ways to engage with Caesars’ fan base and tap into her deep understanding of individual sports to better promote the brand and create value-added opportunities for sports fans as well.

Caesars will amplify these content efforts by distributing them throughout its own social and media channels. DeMita has relevant experience, having supported the NBA 2K series through original work, hosting and producing the first TV show broadcast for the series.

DeMita Set to Bring More Insight into Basketball

For those who are a little rusty on their video gaming knowledge, the NBA 2K is the newest branch of the National Basketball Association (NBA) focusing on the namesake video game which is now a recognized “part of the family” in the world of commissioner Adam Silver. DeMita did not hide her own enthusiasm to be joining Caesars:

“I’m so excited to be a part of the Caesars Sportsbook team. We are going to create some incredible content around basketball this season with the many sports fans who enjoy betting on the game. I’ll be jumping in quick, so make sure to be on the lookout.”

Caesars Sportsbook brand ambassador Rachael DeMita

DeMita will work on exclusive content pieces that will help basketball fans feel closer to the game and reinforce their understanding. Commenting on DeMita’s joining the company, Caesars CMO of digital Sharon Otterman added:

“Rachel is an incredible talent who knows how to engage with a wide array of audiences. Her deep knowledge of basketball and ability to create compelling content stands out among the many personalities in sports. We can’t wait to collaborate with her and see what she brings to life.”

Caesars CMO of digital Sharon Otterman

Caesars Sportsbook has been busy, signing all sorts of high-profile partnerships and ambassadors to represent its brand. The company teamed up with the LSU for a unique alliance between an institution of higher learning and a sports betting operator. The sportsbook previously added Kenny Maye as brand ambassador along with the Manning family.


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