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Bremen’s Audit Committee Reviews Bremer Toto and Lotto’s Ads Practices

BTL targeted by the Bremen’s Audit Committee due to contentious advertising practices. Scientific Games extends partnership with LOTTO Thüringe for 3 more years.

Bremen’s Audit Committee Sought Unacceptable Advertising Practices by BTL

The state lottery operator of Germany’s Bremer state, Toto and Lotto (BTL), was warned over unacceptable gambling advertisement practices by the Bremen’s Audit Committee. Upon reviewing state finances for 2019, the committee established that the advertisement practices conducted by BTL focused on promoting gambling too much at the expense of responsible gambling messages.

The committee noted that such practice is against the grain of the State Treaty on Gambling. One of the BTL’s key responsibilities is to comply with regulation outlined in the State Treaty on Gambling and ensure reduction of gambling addiction by promoting safe gambling, the Committee argued in its position.

Bremen’s Audit Committee called for further an analysis and assessment of BTL’s advertising practices. The state Finance Department that governs lotteries said that BLT did have targets to fulfil

The committee did not agree on this point by saying that along with reaching financial goals, BTL must also implement regulatory actions thus accomplishing socially related targets. With that being said, Germany’s Finance department noted that BTL’s ads were endorsed by the Minister of the Interior.

As it turns out, Minister Ulrich Mäurer, who endorsed the advertising products, was also member of BTL’s regulatory board. The confusion and overlap in responsibilities has resulted in asking for further scrutiny into BTL’s advertisement practices. A detailed report is expected to be released by this October.

LOTTO Thüringe Signs Agreement with Scientific Games for 3 More Years

Elsewhere in Germany, LOTTO Thüringe partnered up for three more years with Scientific Games. As of 2021, Scientific Games will also provide instant win games for LOTTO Thüringe. The current deal is not unexpected, considering the 20yearold partnership of the two giants. Furthermore, all of Germany’s 16 states receive services supplied by LOTTO Thüringe.

Here is what LOTTO Thüringen CEO, Jochen Staschewski, had to say regarding the three-year partnership extend: “We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with Scientific Games and the sustainable growth of instant game revenues in Thuringia. This is one of the few lottery markets in Germany that continues to grow.” Staschewski continued with: “Our growth is largely driven by instant products, therefore, we plan to further develop our portfolio of instant games sold at retail as well as offer our players digital instant games to enjoy at home and via mobile.

But here is also what Scientific Games Senior VP of Instant Products, John Schulz had to say: “We have offered LOTTO Thüringen instant game products with value adds that have proven ability to responsibly increase revenue for our lottery customers Scientific Games’ Strong Business in Germany Continues with New Instant Games Contract in Thuringia around the world.” Schulz further noted: “The potential of instant games, sold both at retail and online/mobile, is not fully realised in Europe however they are the biggest and most successful lottery product category in the U.S. and still growing.

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